Selected BEHLEN Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance

Notes on: Aerosols for the Wood Finishers Tool Box

Aerosols make refinishing, finish repair, and smaller finishing jobs easy to do.

We get asked - ‘Why so many clears?’

 CLEAR Aerosol
Sanding Sealers usage guidelines:

Formulated for ease of sanding, these sealers do many tasks even if no sanding is required after the ‘sealing' coat. Sealers are formulated for good adhesion to the substrate or for bonding to previous topcoats. Sealers also act as the ‘glue’ to hold topcoats to the wood far better than if a clear lacquer was used.

Sealers on bare, dyed, or stained wood provide an even ground or foundation for the followiing finish coats.

Use sealers as a transitional or ‘sealing’ coat between dissimilar finishes.

In the Finish room:
a can of master sealer is handy if a small bare area needs sealing and the spray gun is full of toner or topcoat.

Sealer Selection:
(Full descriptions follow in
“Clear Aerosol Coatings”)

Vinyl Sealer Aerosol -- B102-8000
Vinyl Sealer is a flexible, high solids, and moisture resistant clear sealer. It’s a great sealer for any Behlen topcoat whether being used for spot repairs or complete finishing. Used in conjunction with pre-catalyzed lacquer aerosols, the combination creates a moisture resistant finish suitable for spot repairs on kitchen cabinets. Good atomization lays a perfect foundation for Stringed Instrument Lacquer.

Pre-Cat Lacquer Sealer -- B103-023
Very durable, adheres where other finishes will not --  a good choice for bath and kitchen, or where extra durability is required.

Top Coat Lacquer Sealer -- B103-015
A high solids nitrocellulose lacquer for applying a new finish or on spot repairs where build is needed or when rubbing will be necessary.

Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer
Sanding Sealer --
Lower solids feathers in and blends into surrounding finishes to seal Touch-Up repairs before top-coating with the desired sheen.

Clear Aerosol Coatings

Clear Lacquer for BRASS
A PH neutral gloss coating (to avoid corrosion or oxidation) designed specifically for non-ferris metals. If a different sheen is required the brass lacquer may be top-coated with a clear Acrylic, Jet Spray, or Master aerosol of the required sheen. --

Buffcote™ Lacquer
Called waxing lacquer by some, this lacquer delivers a soft look and silky feel. Buffcote is formulated to give a hand rubbed effect and feel right out of the spray can. Buffcote has a slight amber tone to enhance the finish color and patina. --

Water Clear Acrylic
This aerosol produces a Crystal-Clear, non-yellowing finish. Use Water Clear Acrylic over whites or light colors, Water Clear Acrylic can be sprayed on almost any surface (wood or metals).

B103-016 Gloss, B103-017 Satin

Pre-Cat Lacquer
Pre-Cat Lacquer features excellent flow out for touch-up use. The dry film is very durable and adheres where other finishes will not. Pre-Cat is a good choice for bath and kitchen, or where extra durability is requiredB103-023 Sealer,
B103-020 Gloss,  B103-021 Satin

Master Top Coat Lacquer
Behlen Master Lacquer Top Coat is an alcohol and water resistant, high solids nitrocellulose lacquer. Master Lacquer Topcoats and Sanding Sealer perform like a spray gun applied finish. Use these aerosols when applying a new finish or on spot repairs where film build is needed or when rubbing will be necessary.
B103-015 Sealer, 
B103-012 Gloss, B103-014 Satin

Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer
Jet Spray™ Lacquers are specially formulated with lower solids to enable the experienced as well as the novice to do a professional touch-up. The secret lies in the flow-out properties of Jet Spray™ Lacquers. Spot repairs melt in virtually unseen and unfelt. Scuffed areas can be revived with an application of clear lacquer in the desired sheen. This product is economical, easily applied, and dries quickly. The finish is alcohol resistant.
B101-0803 Sanding Sealer,
B101-0800 Clear Gloss,  B101-0801 Clear Satin, B101-0802 Clear Flat,  B101-0883 Clear Dead Flat

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