Selected BEHLEN Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance

Notes: Aerosols for the Luthier & Guitar Maker

Vinyl Sealer Aerosol
Vinyl Sealer is a flexible, high solids, and moisture resistant clear sealer. Good atomization lays a perfect foundation for Stringed Instrument Lacquer.

B102-8000 Vinyl Sealer

Also available in Quarts:

Stringed Instrument Lacquer Aerosol
Stringed Instrument Lacquer in aerosol is an exact copy of Behlen Instrument Lacquer sold in quarts and gallons. Formulated specifically for thin, flexible tone-woods such as those used for stringed instruments, Stringed Instrument Lacquer withstands expansion and contraction that is characteristic to the unique construction of stringed instruments. Vinyl Sealer is also flexible by nature, and, is the only sealer that should be used under Stringed Instrument Lacquer. This combination yields great sound and a fine finish for the luthier.
B104-1406 Stringed Instrument Lacquer

Also available in Quarts:



Guitar Toner Aerosol
Guitar Toner Aerosols are used to add controllable, even color to the guitar. Made from fade resistant dyes, they apply transparent color so the beauty of the wood shows through, several coats will create sunburst effects so popular on guitars. Typically, Vinyl Sealer is applied before the Guitar Toners, and Stringed Instrument Lacquer is applied after the Guitar Toners to create a professional finish. 
B104-1201 Encore Brown, 
B104-1202 Starcast Amber

Jet Spray Blush Eraser
(Eliminates white blush caused by trapped moisture)
If you work in a humid, damp, or cold climate you need Behlen Blush Eraser™. Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush". Blush Eraser™ re-flows the lacquer releasing the trapped moisture to escape without changing the existing sheen or shade of color. Eliminates the need to remove or chemically strip the blush damaged finish.
Caution, use sparingly
-- overuse can cause sags and runs.

In the Finish room: a can of Blush Eraser is handy if a small area or an edge blushes – no need to stop and add Retarder to the lacquer, just give a light spray from the aerosol.
B101-0871... Jet Spray Blush Eraser

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