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Burn-In Supplies & Damage Repair Materials for Wood Finishes

Wood Finishing & Repair -- H Behlen - DVD
This BEHLEN  DVD is designed to teach you the most up-to-date wood finishing and repair methods in the industry. Beginners in finish repair and the professional touch-up technician will find this a valuable tool for learning and reviewing the latest in furniture service procedures.
"Better than any book for the subjects covered!"
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Wood Finishing & Repair DVD


Special Pricing - 10.00

Electric Oven  --  Burn-In Knife Heater - - .See The: Burn-In Video
Burn-In Knife HeaterEfficiently heats the manual Burn-In knives. Unit includes a pilot light.
Heats knives quickly -- maintains a constant 700° - 800º F temperature.
Insert knifes at both ends. All units are equipped with 3-wire grounded circuits with 15amp, 125 volt plug.
Durable all metal construction with knife handle guard and Safety Cage.

Electric Oven / Burn-In Knife Heater -- B900-2500

Electric Oven
Knife Heater

Manual Burn-in Knives To be used with an electric heater/oven

Angled 'Fishtail' Burn-In Knife
The fishtail knife is an excellent general purpose knife. The blades narrow shaft allows good vision of the repair. Use in Pairs; rotate knives so one is always in the oven and ready for use.
EBKFTB - Angled 'Fishtale' Burn-In Knife

Angled Burn-In Knife
The Angled Knife is the 'work horse' for larger repairs repairs on flat surfaces.
The thick blade holds heat for extended periods of time.
Use in Pairs; rotate knives so one is always in the oven and ready for use.
EBKATB - Angled Thick Blade Burn-In Knife

Curved Blade Burn-In Knife
Super stainless steel curved rigid blade with a rosewood handle.
Generally used for carvings and concave surfaces. Blade is 3-1/4" long.
EBKCB - Curved Burn-In Knife

Flared Angle Sharp Edge Knife
Can be used on flat surfaces but the sharp (1/4 in) edge is most effective at creating grain texture.
EBKSFA - Small Flared Angle Burn-In Knife

Burn-In Knives

'Fishtale' Blade

Thick Blade

Curved Blade

Sharp Knife
Heat Control Unit
Use with the electric burn-in knife to regulate the heat of the blade
so as not to scorch or burn the surface surrounding the repair.
Eliminates the worry of an overheated knife.
The Control Unit also works with the electric oven.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... Heat Control Unit ... B900-0800
Heat Control Unit

Burn-In Balm
Heat resistant paste used to prevent damage to the surrounding finish|
while performing a burn-in repair.
Also prevents unwanted spread of excess Burn-In Stick.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Burn-In Balm™ ... 4 oz. Jar -- B700-1203
Burn-In Balm
Burn-In Sealer
Jet-Spray™ Burn-In Sealer (aka -- sheen protector) may be sprayed over a Burn-In Stick repair to eliminate an unwanted gloss sheen or "halo" prior to topcoating with a clear lacquer finish.
........... Jet-Spray™ Burn-In Sealer Aerosol ... 13 fl. oz. B101-0867 .... -- UPS Ground Only --
Burn-In Sealer
Electric Burn-In Knife - - Designed for Melting Burn-In Sticks

This special design knife has set the standard for dependability in production throughout the finish maintenance and repair industry.
The high temperature element core assures top performance in the
field or shop. The EK24FC knife features rugged construction, a long element life, easy grip wooden handle, with 3-conductor extra flexible
6 foot neoprene power cord. - - UL listed, 25W, wt. 8 oz.

Electric Burn-In Knife 110 Volt - - B900 - EK24FC w/ Flat Blade

Electric Burn-In Knife 220 Volt - - B900 - EK22FC w/ Flat Blade
..-- Without Plug - Supply a 220 plug to match your electric system..

............................Curved Blade for the Electric Burn-In Knife - - B900-B24C
... ... ... Note: The New Handle Shape is the same as in the Burn-In Kit (see below)

Burn-In Knife

Curved Blade
220 Volt Knife

Burn-In Kit
The Behlen Burn-In Kit includes the tools and supplies
uniquely designed for applying burn-in materials to damaged wood. Burn-ins have long been the industry standard for
making professional repairs on defects and damages in wood.
If you’ve never done a burn-in, don’t be intimidated.
We’ve lowered the learning curve by including
step-by-step pictorial instructions in this kit.

For a training video where you can watch an expert go through all the steps.
See The: Burn-In Video • • • To: Procedure Instructions & Text packaged with the kit)
Kit Contents:
1 - Electric Burn-In Knife, Length: overall inc. flat blade 9.25 - Handle 4.5,
12 - Burn-In Sticks 2” length Assorted (B320’s)
Amber, Black, Cherry, Clear, Dark Amber, Dark Cherry, Dark Mahogany,
Extra Dark Walnut, Fruitwood, Light Brown Walnut, Maple, White

1 - Burn-In Balm™ 2 oz.
1 - Easy-to-follow instructions.
Packaged in a clear, clamshell package - convenient for on-site use
BEHLEN 110Volt Burn-In Kit - B881-0018

Burn-In Kit
110 Volt

110 Volt - $99.95


Burn-In Kit
220 Volt

220 Volt -  $99.95

-- Without 220 Plug --
Supply a plug to match your electric system.

Color Chart
Colors shown for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.

Burn-In Sticks
H.BEHLEN Burn-In Sticks (aka Hot Melt sticks) are manufactured from the finest colorants and resins. Distinctly superior in every respect. Will not lift out and accepts any type of finish. May be leveled using traditional hot knife methods or by using Wool Lube™, sandpaper, and a rubbing block. Burn-In Sticks may be used on virtually any type of surface including marble.
When used on marble, the surface should be preheated to assist adhesion. --
7” length

Burn-In Stick
B320-001 -- Dark Mahogany
  Burn-In Stick
B320-011 -- Amber
Burn-In Stick
B320-003 -- Light Brown Walnut

Burn-In Stick
B320-012 -- Clear

Burn-In Stick
B320-004 -- Extra Dark Walnut
Burn-In Stick
B320-013 -- Dk. American Walnut
Burn-In Stick
B320-005 -- Fruitwood
Burn-In Stick
B320-015 -- Medium Mahogany

Burn-In Stick
B320-006 -- Cherry

Burn-In Stick
B320-018 -- Dark Cherry
Burn-In Stick
B320-007 -- White

Burn-In Stick
B320-815 -- Golden Oak

Burn-In Stick
B320-008 -- Black

Burn-In Stick
B320-818 -- Burnt Umber


Burn-In Stick
B320-009 -- Maple


Burn-In Stick
B320-853 -- Medium Brown Walnut

Burn-In Stick
B320-010 -- Dark Amber
Burn-In Stick
B320-873 -- Red Mahogany
Burn-In Stick - B320-301 - Assortment #1 of 6 Colors - 7” length
Amber - 011, Dark Amber - 010, Black - 008, Clear - 012, Burnt Umber - 818,
White - 007
........................... Assortment B320-301 .... $22.80

Burn-In Stick - B320-302 - Assortment #2 of 6 Colors - 7” length
- 005, Maple - 009, Light Brown Walnut - 003, Extra Dark Walnut - 004,
Medium Brown Walnut
- 853, Dark American Walnut - 013 .-Assort. B320-302 . $22.80

Burn-In Stick - B320-303 - Assortment #3 of 6 Colors - 7” length
Cherry - 006, Dark Cherry - 018, Dark Mahogany - 001, Medium Mahogany - 015,
Red Mahogany - 873, Golden Oak - 815
.-Assortment B320-303 ... $22.80

Burn-In Stick - B320-3018 - Master Assortment of 18 Colors - 7” length
Includes all the colors in the #301-302 & 303 assortments.
(The #B320-3018 set is an exclusive from Shellac.net) Master Assort. B320-3018 .. $68.40

Read The: BEHLEN Procedure Instructions & Text packaged with the kit...See The: Burn-In Video
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MERIT Burn-In Sticks are made by from the finest shellacs and resins,
and accept most any type of topcoat. Low heat will not lift or swell.
A traditonal Burn-In Stick, ideal on older shellac finishes and for antique repairs.
MERIT Color List (in stock price special)




Burn-In Sticks
7” length

4.50 ea


Burn-In Sticks
7” length

4.50 ea



Burn-In Stick
of 6 Sticks

22.80 per Set


Master Assortment
of 18 Sticks

68.40Set of 18

Quick Fill® Burn-In Sticks
BEHLEN Quick Fill®
is an innovative Burn-In Fill Stick that makes filling defects quick and easy.
Designed to fill nicks, dents, and scratches, it’s the perfect filler for cabinetry,
vinyl wrapped products and photo processed laminates.
Quick Fill® is applied using the Micro Therm™ Flameless Heat Gun, B900-3215
(See Below),
rubbing them into the damage, and leveled without the use of burn-in knives or sandpaper.
Simply scrape away excess with a leveler (credit) card.
• Low sheen
....• Quick and simple application
• Perfect for production workers, field service technicians and cabinet installers.

Colors shown for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.
Quick Fil Sticks 4.20 ea   Quick Fil Sticks 4.20 ea
Quick Fil Stick
Light Red Mahogany

Quick Fil Stick
Light Golden Oak


Quick Fil Stick
Deep Mahogany


Quick Fil Stick


Quick Fil Stick
True Brown


Quick Fil Stick
Heartwood Cherry


Quick Fil Stick
Extra Dark Walnut


Quick Fil Stick
Cinnamon Sugar


Quick Fil Stick


Quick Fil Stick

Quick Fil Stick
Red Brown Mahogany

Quick Fil Stick




Quick Fill®
Burn-In Sticks

Per Stick
4.20 Ea.

Quick Fill®
Burn-In Sticks

Per Stick
4.20 Ea.

Micro Therm Flameless Heat Gun
The Micro Therm™ Heat Gun is a hand held self-igniting flameless
heat gun and is powered by a refillable butane fuel cell.

The Micro Therm™ is the perfect heat source for Quick Fill® Burn-In Sticks.
• Hand held, with automatic electronic ignition / trigger.
• Patented safety lock ...• Produces 1300ºF flameless heat
• Refillable fuel cell included - butane lighter
• Compact ergonomic design
...• Butane not included ...-- UPS Ground Only --
Heat Gun


Leveler Card
The Leveler Card is used with Behlen Quick Fill® Burn-In Sticks
to level burn in or to scrape away any excess.
Also used to level fill sticks. --
.....................(One Card included with the Heat Gun & the QuickFill Set of 12)

Leveler Card - B898-0002 ---
Pack of 3 Levler Cards - B898-0003
Leveler Card
.30 each
Pack of 3 Cards
.75 pack of 3

Qualarenu™ #1 ... Amalgamator
A modern method of renovating an old cracked, or alligatored finish.
Works equally well on old varnish, lacquer, or shellac finishes. May be brushed, sprayed, or padded on the old surface. Eliminates the need for re-staining and/or re-filling with paste wood fillers.
Made ready for use on most surfaces. For some work, it may be necessary to add some Behkol to assist in the amalgamation. Will not work on polyurethane, epoxy or polyester finishes.
Will not eliminate veneer checks or damage to the wood.
B611-00055 - Qualarenu™ #1 -  Pint   -- UPS Ground Only --

Qualarenu™ #1 


French Lac (French padding finish)
French Lac is a light amber French padding finish, suitable for use on the lightest of finishes. French Lac is offered in a ready to use formula (needing no additional oils or reducers).
French Lac has been job tested for years by professional repair technicians, for the repair an entire surface or to finish a spot repair.

French Lac -- B611-0065 - Pint -- UPS Ground Only --
French Lac



Qualasole -- The modern “French Polish"
Qualasole™ is an invaluable product in the cabinet finishing department. No oil is required for French polishing, padding, touching up, or renovating. Apply Qualasole™ with a pad to raw wood or over any cured shellac, varnish, lacquer, paint or enamel finish in the same manner as French polishing. A superior and durable finish is obtained in a fraction of the time as compared to the old method. Behlen Qualasole™ affects speedy, permanent, new finishes and renovations that do not show press marks after handling or transportation. Qualasole™ accentuates the wood grain and natural markings and produces a beautiful appearance that improves with age.
Qualasole™ French Polish - B611-00015 - Pint ... & ... B611-00016 - Quart
-- UPS Ground Only --

French Polish
B611-00015 - Pint
B611-00016 - Quart
French Polishing Cloth (aka; Trace Cloth)
This clean, lint free, lightweight, soft textured, closely woven cloth prevents streaking.
Used for ‘French Polishing’ and hand application of padding finishes:
• Behlen French Lac™ light amber French padding finish
• Qualasole™ the modern “French Polish"
• Qualarenu™ Amalgamator
• Violin Varnish for musical instruments
• Behlen Woodturner’s Finish™ for padding a finish on the lathe
Also, an excellent cloth for polishing. - - - Half Pound (Reclosable Bag)
French Polishing

Trace Cloth
8 Oz.

Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer
-- Aerosols for touch-up repairs
Jet Spray™ Lacquers are specially formulated to enable the experienced as well as the novice to do a professional touch-up repair. The secret lies in the flow-out properties of Jet Spray™ Lacquers. This lower solids formula allow spot repairs to blend in virtually unseen and unfelt. Scuffed areas can be revived with an application of clear lacquer in the desired sheen. Jet Spray™ is economical, easily applied, and dries quickly to an alcohol resistant finish.
( For bare wood or to build finish thickness with a higher solids lacquer use
'Master Top Coat' aerosol lacquers.)

Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer Aerosol -- 13 fl. oz.
A lower solids lacquer designed for finish touch-up repairs --

B101-0800 ... Clear Gloss
B101-0801 ... Clear Satin
B101-0802 ... Clear Flatt
B101-0883 ... Clear Dead Flatt
-- UPS Ground Only --

Jet Spray
Gloss -- 7.69
Satin -- 7.69
Flatt -- 7.69
Dead Flatt - 7.69
Aerosol Lacquers for Restoration Repair & Refinishing
Translucent Wood Toners & with Pigment solids

Jet Spray™ BLACK Lacquers
Jet Spray™ Lacquers are formulated for recoating and to blend spot repairs into the surrounding surface. Produced from pigments dissolved in nitrocellulose lacquer, they are very resistant to color fade from UV exposure. The Jet Spray™ Lacquers may also be used for finishing on small projects.

Jet Spray Aerosols 13 fl. oz.

B101-G826 - GLOSS BLACK Lacquer

B101-S826 - SATIN BLACK Lacquer

B101-F826 - FLATT BLACK Lacquer

-- UPS Ground Only --

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Jet Spray™

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