Burn-In Kit
(Procedure & text packaged with the kit)

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BEHLEN Burn-In Kit Contents
(B881 - 0018):

• Burn-In Knife (B900-ED24FC)

• H. Behlen Burn-In Sticks
(12 - 2" Assorted B320's)

• Burn-In Balm™ (B700-1203) 2 oz.

Products also suggested
(Not in Kit):

• P400A or P800A Waterproof Sandpaper
• Cork Block (B902-2000)
• Wool-Lube™
    Rubbing Lubricant (B730-1365)

• H. Behlen De-Waxer 741 (B611-07416)
• Graining Pen of desired color (B272- xxxx)
• Burn In Sealer (aerosol) (B101-0867)
• Appropriate topcoat sheen (aerosol)
    to match the surrounding finish
• Cloth

• • • • •

The following instructions pertain to the repair
of defects such as chips, gouges, dents, and scratches on finished or partly finished surfaces. These types of defects must be refilled.

H. Behlen Burn-In Sticks have long been considered to be one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing fillers in the industry.
They are available in solid (opaque) colors
for repairing damages where the color has been removed and in transparent sticks for refilling shallow indentations where the original shade
of the finish remains.

H. Behlen Burn-In Sticks offer extended shelf life compared to shellac sticks, which begin to crack
after a short period of time



1. Clean the repair area with Behlen
De-Waxer 741.

2. Select the proper H. Behlen Burn-In Stick.
Choose the color closest to the lightest color in the wood. If the damage is a dent with no color loss, use the clear stick.

3. Use a sharp knife to gently remove any splinters. Make sure no splinters protrude above the surface of the wood.

4. Using the Burn-In Knife, melt the H. Behlen
Burn-In Stick and allow the melted stick to flow into the damage area until it is slightly overfilled.

5. Protect the existing finish by applying
Burn-In Balm™ to the area surrounding the
filled area.

6. Pull the Burn-In Knife across the damaged area to level the surface of the burn-in material as shown in. Never allow the edge of the knife to stop on the surface of the wood, as stopping will cause a knife mark. Always wipe the knife clean between strokes.

7. Apply Wool-Lube™ Rubbing Lubricant
to the surface.

8. Gently sand with P400A or P800A waterproof sandpaper wrapped around the cork block over the repair in the direction of the grain.

9. After a few strokes, stop sanding and determine if repair is level.
Repeat steps 7 & 8 until level.

10. Clean the repair area with De-Waxer 741.

11. If grain must be added, use a Graining pen
to draw in the missing lines.

12. Apply a topcoat that is appropriate for the piece being repaired.

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