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Aerosols - Clear Lacquers & Special Purpose Finishes

NEW Aerosols - for finish repairs on High-Tech Coatings

Ultra-Flo Ultra® Bond Clears
are the solution for repairs on finishes where traditional lacquers and sealers fail to bond.

Ultra-Flo Ultra® Bond uses a blend of resins and solvents that provide superior adhesion on hard to repair coatings. The Ultra® Bond Clears are specially formulated for adhesion and flow-out over hard to repair coatings such as UV finishes, 2 component polyurethanes, polyesters, and catalyzed coatings.

Use Ultra-Flo Ultra® Bonds for a final finish, or the B102-0550 Gloss as a bonding or transitional coating.
As a transitional coat, any of the Behlen clear or toner aerosols may be applied over the Ultra® Bond.

Ultra-Flo Ultra® Bond Aerosol ... 13 fl. oz........................................-- UPS Ground Only --
Vinyl Sealer Aerosol
Vinyl Sealer Aerosol is a flexible, high solids, moisture resistant, clear sealer with good atomization. It lays a perfect foundation for Stringed Instrument Lacquer. It’s also a great sealer for any Behlen topcoat whether being used for spot repairs or an entire finish. When used in conjunction with pre-catalyzed lacquer aerosols, the combination creates a moisture resistant finish suitable for spot repairs on kitchen and bath cabinets.
Vinyl Sealer Aerosol ... 13 fl. oz. - B102-8000 ..............................-- UPS Ground Only --
Stringed Instrument Lacquer, Gloss Aerosol
Stringed Instrument Lacquer in aerosol is the same formula as the Stringed Instrument Lacquer packaged in quarts and gallons. It is formulated specifically as a high quality finish for thin, flexible tone-woods such as those used in stringed instruments. Instrument Lacquer is made to withstand the expansion and contraction that is characteristic in the unique construction of stringed instruments.
Note: Vinyl Sealer is flexible by nature and is the only sealer that should be used under Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer. The combination yields great sound quality.
Stringed Instrument Lacquer Aerosol 13 oz. - B104-1406 .............................. -- UPS Ground Only --
Guitar Toner Aerosols
Guitar Toners are used to add shading effects to the guitar. Made from fade resistant dyes, they apply transparent color so the beauty of the wood shows through, yet they are strong enough that several coats will create the dark sunburst effect that is so popular on guitars. Starcast Amber applies the basic light tone colors of the guitar. Encore Brown is used to tone the body sides of acoustic guitars, which are typically darker than the soundboard. The Encore Brown is also used to create a sunburst effect around the edge of the body of a guitar, whether acoustic or solid bodied. Often Encore Brown is used at the edge and then Starcast Amber is sprayed over the Encore Brown, but in a wider pattern, to create a two-toned starburst. Typically, Vinyl Sealer is applied before the Guitar Toners and Stringed Instrument Lacquer is applied after the Guitar Toners to create a professional finish. With just a little practice, a first time luthier can apply a professional looking finish.
13 fl. oz............................... .............................. -- UPS Ground Only --
SMOOTH COAT™ (Previously BUFFCOTE™) Lacquer Aerosol
(aka 'Waxing Lacquer' - as the surface feels as though it has been wax-polished)
Formulated to create a professional finish straight from an aerosol can, SmoothCoat incorporates a special blend of waxes to give the lacquer a soft, luxurious, hand-rubbed look that feels as smooth as silk without rubbing. SmoothCoat builds the finish quickly, and is fitted with a fan spray tip to ensure a fast smooth application. A smooth silky finish like this was unheard of straight from an aerosol until now.
Formulated as a topcoat, use SmoothCoat Lacquer as the final finish coat on: interior furniture, antiques, architectural woodwork, grandfather clocks, carvings, and an unlimited number of wood projects.
The Satin sheen is the most used topcoat for today’s finishes. ..... More Info & Finishing Schedule
SmoothCoat Lacquer, Satin - Aerosol - B103-030 ..............................-- UPS Ground Only --
CLEAR Lacquer for BRASS Aerosol
Lacquer for Brass is a water clear, non-yellowing and durable coating formulated for superior adhesion to metal surfaces. Lacquer for Brass will keep brass and brass-plated metal surfaces bright and new looking.
This PH neutral lacquer is formulated for use on nonferrous metals to prevent tarnishing, and for corrosion protection.

Clear Lacquer for BRASS Aerosol - B103-0500 ..............................-- UPS Ground Only --
Water Clear Acrylic Aerosol
Acrylic aerosol is a crystal clear, non-yellowing finish.
When a clear finish is needed over whites or light colors Water Clear Acrylic is the answer. Water Clear Acrylic can be sprayed on almost any surface (wood, metals, etc.). Acrylic aerosols are compatible with Behlen touch-up products. 13 fl. oz.

Water Clear Acrylic Aerosol .
B103-016 ... Gloss
B103-017 ... Satin
.............................-- UPS Ground Only --
Jet Spray™ Blush Eraser™
If you work in a humid, damp, or cold climate you need Behlen Jet Spray™ Blush Eraser™.
Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush". Behlen’s Blush Eraser™ re-flows the lacquer and allows the trapped moisture to escape without changing the existing sheen or shade of color.
Eliminates the need to sand off or chemically strip the damaged finish
Light applications over white rings will, in most cases, remove white rings and water spots. More than one application may be needeed. Caution: Do Not Flood the area, over use can melt or run the finish.
Jet Spray™ Blush Eraser™ -- 13 fl. oz. Aerosol -- B101-0871 ..............................-- UPS Ground Only --
Top Coat Lacquer Aerosol
Behlen Master 'Top Coat Lacquer' is an alcohol and water resistant, high solids nitrocellulose lacquer. Top Coat Lacquer and Sanding Sealer perform like a spray gun applied finish. Use these aerosols when applying a new finish or on spot repairs when rubbing will be necessary. They are compatible with Behlen solvent base stains and other Behlen aerosol lacquers.
'Master Top Coat' are higher solids lacquers to use on bare wood or to build a finish.

Top Coat Lacquer Aerosol -- 13 fl. oz.
B103-012 ... Gloss
B103-014 ... Satin
B103-015 ... Sanding Sealer

For Touch-Up use; See the Jet Spray Aerosols below. .............................. -- UPS Ground Only --

Master Toner Aerosols
Behlen Master Toner is a unique combination of nitrocellulose lacquer and fade resistant dyes that are used for shading or blending spot repairs. Master Toner will shade the wood without loss of clarity. Master Toner can
also be used prior to applying a topcoat to allow for uniform wood stain clarity. - 13 fl. oz. - UPS Ground Only --

Dark Walnut, Tavern Pine, Van Dyke Walnut, Natural, Golden Oak, Walnut, Dark Red Walnut, Mahogany
Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer
-- Aerosols for touch-up repairs
Jet Spray™ Lacquers are specially formulated to enable the experienced as well as the novice to do a professional touch-up repair. The secret lies in the flow-out properties of Jet Spray™ Lacquers. This lower solids formula allow spot repairs to blend in virtually unseen and unfelt. Scuffed areas can be revived with an application of clear lacquer in the desired sheen. Jet Spray™ is economical, easily applied, and dries quickly to an alcohol resistant finish.
( For bare wood or to build finish thickness with a higher solids lacquer use
'Master Top Coat' aerosol lacquers.)

Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer Aerosol-- 13 fl. oz.

A lower solids lacquer designed for finish touch-up repairs --

B101-0809 ... Sanding Sealer
B101-0800 ... Clear Gloss
B101-0801 ... Clear Satin
B101-0802 ... Clear Flatt
B101-0883 ... Clear Dead Flatt

-- UPS Ground Only --


Jet Spray™ Lacquer Toners
Jet Spray™ Toners are formulated to blend spot repairs to the surrounding surface. The Jet Spray™ toners are made with pigments dissolved into nitrocellulose lacquer. They are very resistant to color fade from UV exposure. They are essential for repairs on pieces that were a pigmented toner was used by the manufacturer. Jet Spray™ toners make a good tool for finishing small projects.
Jet Spray™ Toners --- Aerosol 13 fl. oz. -- UPS Ground Only --

Pre-Cat Lacquer
Pre-Cat Lacquer features excellent flow out for touch-up use.
The dry film is very durable and adheres where other finishes will not.
The product has been tested and approved for furniture factory touch-up on Pre-catalyzed finishes. Pre-Cat sealer has excellent hold out properties.

Pre-Cat Lacquer Aerosol 13 fl. oz.
B103-020 ... Gloss
B103-021 ... Satin
B103-023 ... Sealer

.................................................................................................... -- UPS Ground Only --

Aerosol Lacquers for Restoration Repair & Refinishing
Translucent wood toners & Solids

BEHLEN Jet Spray™ BLACK Lacquer
Jet Spray™ Lacquers are formulated for recoating and to blend spot repairs into the surrounding surface. Produced from pigments dissolved in nitrocellulose lacquer, they are very resistant to color fade from UV exposure. The Jet Spray™ Lacquers may also be used for finishing on small projects. -

BLACK Lacquer -- Jet Spray™ Aerosols 13 fl. oz. -- 

B101-G826 - GLOSS BLACK Lacquer

B101-S826 - SATIN BLACK Lacquer

B101-F826 - FLATT BLACK Lacquer

-- UPS Ground Only --

WHITE Lacquer -- Jet Spray™ Aerosols 13 fl. oz. -- 

B101-G804 - GLOSS WHITE Lacquer
-- UPS Ground Only --

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