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BEHLEN Smooth Coat Aerosol 

BuffCote Aerosol now called SMOOTH COAT Lacquer (aka Waxing Lacquer)

The BuffCote NEW Name (says what it delivers) with the same Great Features!
A Hand Rubbed Feel & Look, Straight From the Can.

Smooth Coat Aerosol Lacquer has 3 attributes that make it one of the best,
if not the best, aerosol for applying a Final Topcoat finish on small to medium sized projects.

1 -- The solids content are over 15%, well above the average aerosol.
As a result, Smooth Coat builds surprisingly quickly for an aerosol.

2 -- A Fan spray head creates a wide spray pattern and delivers the lacquer at a high rate
The Special Spray head and high solids facilitate a fast build, easy to apply finish.

3 -- Smooth Coat contains a special wax formulation sheered into the lacquer.
This wax causes the lacquer to flow, and level exceptionally well.

Smooth Coat Lacquer builds quickly and feels silky smooth.

The Smooth Coat "smooth" additive dries as part of the finish resulting in a topcoat film,
right out of the can, that feels and looks like it has been hand rubbed and wax polished.
No actual rubbing needed, just a look and feel as though someone spent hours rubbing and polishing.

 Using Beheln Smooth Coat™
(Smooth Coat™ is intended as a Topcoat only
build the finish with a Sealer coat and one or two applications
of Gloss lacquer (for clarity and durability

Typical Smooth Coat Clear Finishing Schedule

#1 -- Sanding Sealer or Vinyl Sealer  - 1 coat

Dry 1- 4 hours & sand lightly 220 as needed and tack cloth

#2 -- GLOSS Lacquer  - 1 coat, and for best work, 2 coats

Dry 2 - 4 hours & sand lightly 320 or fine synthetic pad as needed
and thoroughly tack cloth (prepare a Perfect Surface for the Smooth Coat)

#3 – ONE Final Coat of  - SMOOTH COAT™ Lacquer
(Allow this finish to dry thoroughly 24 - 48 hrs, longer if possible, prior to any rubbing. Rubbing the finish prior to full cure will show as a burnished spot.)


Waxing Lacquer

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