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BEHLEN Solar-Lux  NGR DYE Stains

Solar-Lux™ is a highly fade and U.V. Resistant, 'Non Grain Raising' Dye stain. The deep penetration and colorful transparency brings out the natural beauty and grain of the wood. Solar-Lux™ dyes may be intermixed to achieve customized shades. Solar-Lux dries in approximately 5 minutes and accepts a finish coat of varnish, polyurethane, oil or conventional lacquer. Solar-Lux™ may be added to shellacs or Behlen lacquers (best for spray application) to produce a superior toner that deepens colors without clouding or 'painting' the finish.

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Please See: Solar-Lux How to Use & See The: Step Panel Video for creating of a finish color.
To Achieve: Rich Dark Finishes on Light Toned Woods & Dark Tones finishing schedule

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Note: Use Solar-Lux Reducer to lighten color intensity & maintain dye penetration and working characteristics.
To extend working time & allow for better penetration (especially on harder woods)
add Solar-Lux Retarder to your dye solution.
With the newer Solar-Lux VOC Compliant formulation,
use of Solar-Lux RETARDER  is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for dye application by hand.
For Can Label Text & Additional Usage Information - Please See: How to Use Solar-Lux DYE

Application Notes & Tips:
NGR Solar-Lux Dye minimizes grain raising and penetrates into surfaces where water based dyes are repelled by resinous hard woods or when residual finish is left in the grain from finish stripper operations.
Solar-Lux Retarder will provide more working time for application and allow better penetration on dense surfaces.
To develop an even rich tone, with proper penetration, always apply 2 coats of ‘working strength’ dye.

Evaluating a ‘working strength’ dye tone:
If two ‘wet’ coats (when dry and a topcoat applied) look too dark add Solar-Lux Reducer, including Retarder if needed, to lighten color strength.

Why Bleach?
In some cases, the natural wood color needs to be removed using a 2 part wood bleach especially to obtain some light wood tones or light, clean primary colors.

Allow any bleached surface 8-12 hours drying time prior to top-coating.

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