Selected BEHLEN Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance

Fill-Sticks - Touch-Up Markers - Graining Pens
& Epoxy Woodtone Putty

The Behlen rub-on wax & resin fill-stick fixes and hides scars, scratches, gouges,
and deep abrasions on furniture, picture frames, hard leather surfaces, plastics and paneling.
Behlen fill-sticks are formulated to accept any type of top coat finish.
A slight warming of the stick helps application especially in cool environments.

•  For wear areas and top surfaces the 'Burn-In Stick' will provide a permanent repair.
•  To fix minor surface discoloration or missing finish color use the felt tipped
'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers.

Colors shown are for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.
H.Behlen Fill-Sticks ....................... 3.10 ea.

B230-003B -- Light Walnut Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif


B230-010B -- Dark American Walnut Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-004B -- Extra Dk. Walnut Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-011B -- Med. Brn. Walnut / Lt. Mahogany add_to_cart.gif

B230-006B -- Cherry Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-012B -- Medium Mahogany Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-007B -- White Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gifB -- White

B230-015B -- Golden Oak Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-008B -- Black Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-017B -- Light Mahogany Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif

B230-009B -- Maple Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif B230-873B -- Red Mahogany Fill-Stick add_to_cart.gif
Behlen Fill-Stick Assortment of all 12 Colors .. B230-1200 ... 34.00 add_to_cart.gif

Touch-Up Markers

Behlen 'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers
are easy to use and incorporate a capillary style felt tip.
Touch Up Markers permanently color blemishes and stain wood and other substrates.
Refinish worn out spots and scratches on furniture, wall paneling, leather, vinyl,
picture and mirror frames.
'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers Dry instantly!

Colors shown are for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.

H. Behlen 'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers .... Single Marker 5.50 ea.

B267-001B -- Mahogany Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-008B -- Black Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-003B -- Lt. Brown Walnut Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-009B -- Maple Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-004B -- Extra Dk. Walnut Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-011B -- Med. Brown Walnut Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-005B -- Fruitwood Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-013B -- Natural Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-006B -- Cherry Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-014B -- Van Dyke Brown Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-007B -- Golden Oak Marker add_to_cart.gif

B267-873B -- Red Mahogany Marker add_to_cart.gif

BEHLEN 'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers Master Assortmant

Graining Pens
A fine point, stain and finish marker. Graining pens are used to replace or replicate grain in scratches, fills, or burn-in repairs.

OAK Graining Pen - B272-001 -- $3.45add_to_cart.gif
Medium Brown Graining Pen - B272-003 -- $3.45 add_to_cart.gif
Dark Brown Graining Pen - B272-004 -- $3.45 add_to_cart.gif
Black Graining Pen - B272-005 -- $3.45add_to_cart.gif
Master Set, Four Graining Pens - B272 - 412 -- $12.96 add_to_cart.gif

Epoxy Putty Stick
Each Epoxy Putty Repair Stick contains resin and hardener in an easy to mix 'tootsie roll' form.
Slice off a piece of the Putty Stick, knead it to activate and apply to the surface.
Much shaping of the repair can be accomplished during the working open time (3-6 minutes).
After 20 minutes the repair is cured and ready to be sanded, drilled, stained, and finished.
Epoxy Putty sticks work well for many repairs. They create good color base for repairs on stained and unstained finishes. The short working facilitates fast repairs. Cure time is 20 minutes.

The Epoxy Putty Stick will make a more durable repair
on larger 'chipouts' and dents than a burn-in stick.


Epoxy Putty Stick - 1 oz. - (approx. 3/4 in. Dia. x 3.5 in Long)
B743-1530 - Oak/Light Walnut
B743-1550 - Cherry
B743-1580 - Natural Maple

Epoxy Putty
1 oz. Stick - 5.55
Oak / Lt. Walnut
Natural / Maple

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