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BEHLEN Aerosol Wiping Stain
Pigmented Wiping Stains from an aerosol are great for: small craft,
carvings, chairs and areas hard to reach by brush or rag.

Essentially the same as our Wood Stain available in quarts, Wood Stain Aerosols
are oil based pigmented wiping stains that create beautiful, grain enhancing, fade-resistant wood tones.
They can be used as stand-alone wiping stains on bare wood or applied over
Solar-Lux™ DYE Stains to enhance color or emphasize wood grain.

No spills or stain dribbles down the side of the can, with Wood Stain Aerosols,
mixing is just a matter of shaking the can.
Apply by spraying the stain to the surface of the wood. Use a brush or a cloth to spread the stain.
Clean tip by inverting the can and depressing the nozzle for about 5 seconds.

After a lite sanding sealer coat, these stains look great when highlighted with Behlen Aerosol Glazes.

Wood Stain Aerosols -- 13 fl. oz...See Video: Aerosol Stains .• United Parcel Service GROUND Only

Aerosol Wood Stain -- DARK (brownish red) MAHOGANY ..... B115-0831
Aerosol Wood Stain -- RED MAHOGANY..... B115-0873 9.50
Aerosol Wood Stain -- CHERRY..... B115-0858 9.50
Aerosol Wood Stain -- MEDIUM BROWN WALNUT..... B115-0853 9.50

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