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Paint Strainers -

Medium & Fine Mesh
Filters foreign matter or un-dissolved solid particles found in stains or finish coatings
(Shellac, varnish, lacquer, stains and paints).

Paper Cone 6in Dia., full flow cloth mesh tip for faster performance and no wasted finish left in strainer.

Shellac resin with more natural organic materials may clog these strainers if used for first filtering. The Seed, Button and Black shellacs benefit by filtering through layers of medium Cheese Cloth first.

The Fine Mesh Filters are ideal or final straining of shellac, varnish, laquers, and most any furniture finish for fine brushing & especially that will be sprayed.

Strain through Medium filter followed by FINE mesh straining for the best results.
MEDIUM Strainers
8 Medium- 1.98
20 Medium - 4.50
FINE Strainers
8 Fine - 2.18
20 Fine - 4.98
Tack Cloths
Remove dust, dirt, lint and sanding dust residue before and between sealer and finish coats when shellacking, staining, varnishing, antiquing, and painting.
Use just before finishing to remove the very last bit of dust from any surfaces that would be considered clean and ready to finish.

-- Tack Cloths are individually packaged (and Reuseable)
For reuse, & to protect from contamination, store cloth in a zip top bag.

"Using your tack cloths before & between finsh coats has made a fantistic improvment in the quality of my finishes !" "Not even an air gun, vacum or damp rag can get the surface as dust free."
Tack Cloths

Single -- .98

8 Pack - 7.12 (.89ea)
French Polishing Cloth (aka; Trace Cloth)
Clean, lint free, lightweight, soft textured, closely woven cloth prevents streaking.
Used for ‘French Polishing’ and hand application of padding finishes:
• Behlen French Lac™ light amber French padding finish
• Qualasole™ the modern “French Polish"
• Qualarenu™ Amalgamator
• Violin Varnish for musical instruments
• Behlen Woodturner’s Finish™ for padding a finish on the lathe
Also, an excellent cloth for polishing. - Half Pound (Reclosable Bag)
French Polishing Cloth
Trace Cloth

1/2 Lb. (8 Oz.)

Cheese Cloth

A quality bleached, white, soft, 100% cotton, cheese cloth.
Use cheese-cloth to apply wiping stains, polishes, or padding
lacquers, and in multiple layers to strain shellac, stains, varnishes, and paints.
Excellent for polishing furniture, buffing wax & general dusting.

At this great price, packages may contain a variety of mesh sizes.)
Cheese Cloth
1/2 lb. - 904-805
1 lb. - 904-801
FELT Block
Felt Blocks are used with pumice, rottenstone and rubbing compounds
to smooth or adjust the sheen of a fully cured finish,
and yield the classic had rubbed look. B902-1000 -- 2"x4"x1"
FELT Block
CORK Block
The firmer cork surface is more aggressive when used for rubbing finishes.
Also used in conjunction with Wool Lube™ and 600-800 W/D abrasive paper to remove and level excess Burn-In Stick. B902-2000 -- 2"x4"x1"
CORK Block
Grain Filler Spreader & Leveler (Squeegee)
This valuable tool has a firm rubber blade that is designed to facilitate quick,
easy, and even application of grain fillers.
It also greatly aids in the removal of excess filler thus reducing sanding time.
If you hate grain filling -- the spreader makes the task manageable!
Spreader & Leveler

Glue Brush
5600 Spot Brush (aka; Solder Flux Brush)
A brush for applying glue or adhesives to small areas, dovetails, dowel pins and mortises.
Round open seam polished metal handle; 4 5/8" long.

Machine pressed setting of Black Chinese hog bristles; 1/2" Width - 3/4" Length.
B901-5612 - Glue Brush -- Pack of 12 … 3.36 -- .28 ea
B901-5625 - Glue Brush -- Pack of 25 … 6.25 -- .25 ea
Glue Brush
12 Pack -- 3.36
25 Pack -- 6.25
Omega Brushes - Lily Varnisher's Brush

Single fill, (1/4 to 5/16) thick glider design. This brush will yield a thin, uniform application of shellac or varnish. This natural bristle brush is ideal for shellac, varnish, and faux finishing of woodwork & furniture. ' A great Brush for Shellac'

The Complete

Varnish / Shellac

Burn-In (Hot Fill) Tools -- for Shellac & Lacquer Sticks
Knife Heater / Oven, Burn-In Knives, Electric Knife, Heat Control Unit
& Micro Therm™ Flameless Heat Gun
for Quick Fill® Burn-In Sticks.


High Density Cylinder Round
(translucent) Plastic Bottles
including the Flip-Top Spout Cap.

The 3mm spout orifice provides an easy and neat means of measuring or dispensing small amounts of dye, solvent, or shellac.
1/2 Pint / 8 Oz.
Pint / 16 Oz
Quart / 32 Oz
The French Polisher's Handbook
(1910 Reprint)

This Reprint is spiral bound with protective cover -
great for in-shop use, lays perfectly flat & folds back on itself.
Pagination and format is an exact facsimile of the original book.
104 pages, 5.8 in. x 8.3 in.

Web Special - With an Order, $15.95 - - - More info
With Order
Book Only - 18.95
USA Postage Inc.
International Orders
Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques.

Derek Jones demystifies the entire process, demonstrating that this finish is easier to do than most people think. French polishing consists of laying down one thin coat of shellac over another to produce a tough, high-gloss finish.

• well illustrated, 150 color photos,
& many ‘Pro Tips' • 112 pages



More Information
& Details
Wood Finishing & Repair --
H Behlen - DVD
This BEHLEN  DVD is designed to teach you the most up-to-date wood finishing and repair methods in the industry. Beginners in finish repair and the professional touch-up technician will find this a valuable tool for learning and reviewing the latest in furniture service procedures. "Better than any book for the subjects covered!"
Highly recommended! - To: More DVD info & details
Wood Finishing
& Repair

Special Pricing
Guitar Finishing DVD
This DVD gives very specific instructions for guitar finishing with aerosols. It shows the necessary steps for a toned finish, a sunburst effect, and a clear finish using Behlen Vinyl Sealer, Stringed Instrument Lacquer, Starcast Amber Guitar Toner, and Encore Brown Guitar Toner aerosols. View the DVD and then come back for the necessary products for your instrument.
This DVD is included in the Guitar Finishing Kit B881-2000
The kit includes the products needed to apply the finish shown on the DVD.
Guitar Finishing - DVD
Special Pricing
Prang Rotating Color Computer Wheel
The Prang color system lends itself to wood tones and color mixing for furniture finishing.
It is easy to understand, using a revolving disc with windows showing resultant color mixes.
Recommended to every finisher.

Intsructions Included.
See: Color Theory for the Finisher & Using the Color Computer
Color Wheel
5-1/8" Dia.

Finisher’s Colorwheel
The Finisher's ColorWheel™ was created to help the
finisher / woodworker visualize typical wood finishing tints.
The interconnected discs rotate to show how Raw Umber,
Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown etc.
can be intermixed to create specific wood tone colors.
Use the colorwheel to help take the guesswork out of blending colors.

See the: Instructions for the Finishers Color Wheel

9" Dia.
Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Most catalyzed and newer compliant coatings specify a maximum wet film application and total thickness build.
Use the gauge to avoid finish failure from over-building a finish coating. Calibrated in mils or microns on opposite sides.
...............................................Use of the Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Wet Film
Thickness Gauge

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