Pre-Stain Conditioner
(to make custom colors)

The Can Label Text --
For application to bare wood prior to staining with Behlen 15 minute stain
(or with any pigmented wiping stains) to help eliminate unevenness of ‘blotchy’ spots in soft porous woods.

Apply Pre-stain, wipe off excess,
and then apply a stain in 3-5 minutes.

As a Stain, add Behlen Master Colors
(or Pigments in Oil) to create your own custom color (15 Minute) wood stains.

Pre-Stain Directions:

Surface must be clean, dry and sanded to 180 - 220 grit smoothness.

Application of Pre-stain
Wood Conditioner:
Use Spray, Brush, or Rag to apply a uniform wet coat to the wood surface.
• Allow the Pre-stain to soak into
the wood for 3-5 minutes.
• Wipe off excess.
• Allow the surface to dry 30-60 minutes, and then apply a Behlen 15 Minute or
other pigmented wiping stain.

as a Clear
make your own
Custom Color Stains

To make Custom Color
Pigmented Wiping Stains

Add up to 20% (6 oz. per quart)
Behlen Master Color (or pigments in oil).

• Apply a uniform wet coat.

• Let set (to penetrate) 3-5 minutes.

• Wipe off excess.

• Allow at least 30 minutes to dry
prior to application of a sealer and topcoat.

Clean Up:
Mineral Spirits / Paint Thinner

Danger Extremely Flammable
Protect Eyes and Skin.
Read all label cautions.

Keep Out of The Reach of Children

Additional Tips and Guidelines:

Use as a Pre-Stain or as a Custom Color Stain on bare wood or on dyed wood.

For Deep Rich Colors:
FIRST use a Solar-Lux NGR or Aniline dye on the bare wood
(especially on light toned or dense woods).
A similar toned dye will make obtaining the desired color with the stain much easier.
Remember, the most important color in a wood finish is the wood itself !

For consistent repeatable results:
1 - Maintain Penetration and Drying times.
2 - Use the Same type of Cloth & wiping technique!
  (different cloth fiber content will absorb differently
& yield uneven unpredictable results)

3 - Keep Shop Notes for each finishing schedule:
  As a pre-stain or a custom color stain,
results will differ depending on wood density & porosity.

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