Selected BEHLEN Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance

Furniture Powders
Furniture / Touch-Up Powders are finely ground pigments formulated with extreme care to achieve quick and permanent spot repairs. Colors may be applied by a cloth pad or a brush wetted with Qualasole™ or Wipe On Water Base Urethane to achieve a professional repair.
The powder can also be padded on with French Lac or brushed on with 2 Minute Repair.

Colors shown for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.
Basic Earth Tone Colors Furniture Powders - Set #1
Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Van Dyke Brown, Champagne
Set #1 - 6 Earth Tone Colors -- 43.00 (7.17 ea.) add_to_cart.gif
Basic Colors Furniture Powders inc. Black, White - Set #2
Venetian Red, Ultramarine Blue, Medium Yellow, Dark Green, Black, White
(for adjusting warmth or coolness of Wood tone & Earth tone colors)
Set #2 - 6 Basic Colors, inc. Black & White -- 43.00 (7.17 ea.) add_to_cart.gif
Wood Tone Colors Furniture Powders - Set #3
Mahogany, Light Walnut, Extra Dark Walnut, Medium Brown Walnut, Cherry, Maple
Set #3 - 6 Wood Tone Colors -- 43.00 (7.17 ea.) add_to_cart.gif
Furniture Powders / T-U Powders, MASTER Set of all 18 Colors
The master selection includes all three sets above --
B370-Set 18 -- All 18 Colors -- 127.26 (7.07 ea) add_to_cart.gif
BEHLEN Furniture Powders --- 1 oz. Jar (volume fill) -- 7.48 each
Mahogany - B370-001 - add_to_cart.gif add_to_cart.gif
B901-1276 #6 -- 1" Bristle Length -- 9.98 add_to_cart.gif

Sable Touch Up Brush
Used for for blending spot touch-up background repairs with Behlen Furniture Powders.
B901-3492 - #2 -- 1/2" Bristle Length -- 8.50 add_to_cart.gif
B901-3494 - #4 -- 11/16" Bristle Length -- 10.50 add_to_cart.gif
B901-3496 - #6 -- 7/8" Bristle Length -- 14.50 add_to_cart.gif

Oxhair Signwriter Brush
General purpose finish repair brush; uses include recoloring worn edges and blending spot repairs,
especially on large repairs.
B901-7502 1/4” Bristle Width -- 5.98 add_to_cart.gif

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