ANILINE DYE - Transparent Stain POWDERS
Alcohol / Water - Aniline Dye

Van Dyck (Vandyke) Crystals
Genuine Walnut Crystals

H. Behlen Aniline DYE Stain (Dry Powdered) --
Water / Alcohol Soluble dyes help to bring out the beauty of the wood grain
and will not leave a muddy appearing surface.
Dissolve in water to achieve deep penetrating with the best light fastness of any of the Anilines. Add warm water to powder to get the desired color intensity.
Dyes may need the addition of 25% Bekhol to achieve color.

When dissolved in Alcohol, the stain is used primarily as a touch-up and repair stain
(due to it’s relatively poor light fastness). Rapid drying and will not raise grain of the wood.
When used by itself as a stain, it should be dissolved with BEHLEN Behkol Solvent.
As a tinting medium, dyes should be dissolved in Behkol Solvent.
Some dyes may need 25% water added to achieve color.

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Concentrate colors shown for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.
Primary Colors & Black - - Aniline Dye Set #1 . . . 45.00
Red, Lemon Yellow, Sea Blue, Black
Wood Tone Colors - - Aniline Dye Set #2 . . . 45.00
Golden Oak, Cherry, American Walnut, Dark Mahogany
Alcohol / Water Dye Color Description B366 - series # 2 Oz. Jars - 11.70 ea
BLACK Jet BLACK B366-0012
RED Deep Wine B366-0042
YELLOW Lemon YELLOW B366-0192
BLUE Sea BLUE B366-0022
CHERRY Med Dark CHERRY B366-0032
OAK Golden OAK B366-0092
WALNUT American
(Warm Brown) WALNUT
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BEHLEN Behkol Alcohol
(Denatured Alcohol)
(formulated specifically to dissolve Aniline Dyes
and shellac flakes and dilute or 'cut' liquid Shellacs).
-- UPS Ground ONLY--
BEHKOL Alcohol
B650-2816 Quart
Genuine WALNUT CRYSTALS (a natural organic dye material)
Walnut Crystals yield shades of Brown from a Light Straw to Deep Brown.
This traditional old-world dye is used to patinate or tone light colored woods and enhance rich tones of walnut and other dark toned timber.
Use on furniture, timber framing, woodwork, and small craft to achieve a natural aged look. An inexpensive and useful water Dye stain.
(Not an aniline but, Very Useful for intermixing with water based aniline dyes)
Genuine WALNUT Crystals
To make an inexpensive and useful water stain Van Dyck Crystals are dissolved in HOT water (not boiling) to obtain colours from dark brown to a light tan. The quantity of crystals can be varied to obtain the desired colour; or make a strong stock solution, then dilute a portion with hot water for lighter tones.

(Intermix water soluble aniline dye, in liquid form, to enhance or tone towards warmer or cool colours.)
5 Pounds
(22.40 per Lb)
One Pound
(16 Oz.)
1/2 Pound
(8 Oz)
1/4 Pound
(4 Oz)
EMPTY High Density Plastic Bottles with Flip Top Spout Cap
Empty 1/2 Pint
Plastic Bottle
PB8 1/2 Pint / 8 Oz
Empty Pint
Plastic Bottle
PBP Pint / 16 Oz
Empty Quart
Plastic Bottle
PBQ Quart / 32 Oz

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