Traditional DYE Stain Materials

POTASSIUM DICHROMATE (Bichromate of Potash)

Instant Aging - Accelerates natural oxidation and yields
Deep RICH tones replicating years of natural oxidation.

A traditional water soluble chemical stain reacts with the tannin in the wood.
Note: Woods deficient in tannin can be infused with tannin (see below)

Potassium Dichromate is used to stain darken or age Cherry, Mahogany, Oak or Walnut and woods treated with tannin.
The oxidation strength and resultant colour yield can be lightened or darkened by adjusting the solution strength.
Neutralize with a mild Vinegar solution.

Test on an scrap of the same wood to be colored --
--- evaluate final color result with the top coats of finish in place.

Strong Oxidizer - Use with Care -- Protect Eyes and Skin.
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(Bichromate of Potash) 1/2 Lb. (8 Oz)
PD8 -- 13.80
(Bichromate of Potash) 1 Lb.
PD1 -- 23.95
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Dry Powdered Tannins

Powdered Tannic Acid, a commercial form of tannin, is not a true acid
but an acid-like substance called a polyphenol.
It occurs naturally in tea, coffee, oak, sumac bark and myrobalan.

Tannic Acid is a basic component in the chemical staining of wood.
Tannin is already exists in woods like Cherry, Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany.

Tannic acid in solution can be applied to woods low in tannin so chemical stains that require a tannin content will react.
Potassium Dichromate, and Ammonia, react with tannin to yield rich wood tones.
"Rust Water"(steel wool soaked in vinegar) applied to a tannin treated wood will yield rich Black tones.

Wear Eye, Skin & Respiratory Protection - Wash Hands Thoroughly After Use.
Information sheet with every order....See: Tannin Information Sheet

Dry Powdered Tannin -- Tannic Acid -- 1/2 Lb (8 Oz)
(35% - 40% ) Tannin Content
TA8 -- 10.85
Dry Powdered Tannin -- Tannic Acid -- 1 Lb (16 Oz)
(35% - 40% ) Tannin Content
TA1 -- 19.85

QUEBRACHO Tannin Powder
Quebracho Bark Powder is a rich condensed tannin, 100% from the Quebracho tree.

QUEBRACHO Tannin Powder -- 1/2 Lb (8 Oz)
(74% -77 %)
Tannin Content
QT8 -- 17.00
QUEBRACHO Tannin Powder -- 1 Lb (16 Oz)
(74% -77 %) Tannin Content

QT1 -- 28.90

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