Text from the Product Label

For the oil finishing of teakwood, monkey-pod,
rosewood, ebony, zebrawood and similar woods.
Safe for frets and inlays.

Shake well.
1. Apply wet to a clean, dry, scuff-sanded surface.
2. Reapply if dry spots appear after 10 minutes.
3. Allow 30 minutes, buff with dry cloth.
4. If the sheen is dull or uneven, repeat steps 1 to 3.
5. Allow oil to cure 24 hours, buff surface with dry cloth.
6. After another 24 hours, buff with 4/0 steel wool and Wool Lube.

Follow All Label Cautions

See Material Safety Data Sheet for
complete information and First Aid.

Keep Out of the Reach of Children

Additional Information:
• Warm oil and warm wood will aid penetratation.
• First coat penetration can benefit by reducing with mineral spirits
• 4 coats of oil @ 24 hour intervals will provide longer term durability. Wood Finish Supply
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