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Aerosol Uses

Behlen Sanding Sealers perform a variety of functions. Sanding Sealer seals in the original finish on spot repair work to which toning shades or a clear finish will be applied. Two coats of sealer over a newly stained surface cuts down the number of clear lacquer topcoats required. Always seal the wood before top-coating it saves time and lowers the cost. Sanding Sealer can be used to fill light scratches on any previously finished piece; sand between coats and reapply until scratches are no longer visible.

Behlen clear aerosols are available in the following sheens: gloss, satin or flatt*.
(*Jet Spray only.) Behlen clear lacquers are nitrocellulose based, have a slight amber cast and are recommended as topcoats for Jet Spray wood shades and Behlen wood stains.
Behlen also offers a Master Water Clear Acrylic and Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers.

Jet Spray Aerosols are available in a large selection of wood tone shades which are very lightly color pigmented so as not to obscure the grain.
Jet Spray Aerosols can be used to change the color of a previously finished piece from light to dark or to alter color shade. For example, a walnut finish can be changed into a mahogany; a blond finish can be changed into a maple or walnut. Padded finishes and burn-in repairs and light scuffs can be blended in by carefully feathering in the proper color.

An inexpensive stain and finishing method for unfinished furniture is to spray with Jet Spray wood shades. Always apply the spray in light coats so as not to achieve a painted effect.
Once the color is satisfactory, a coat of Sealer & two coats of a clear Behlen aerosol should be applied to protect the finish from wear.


Jet-Spray Series - Clears

B101-0800 ... Clear GLOSS
B101-0801 ... Clear SATIN
B101-0802 ... Clear FLATT
B101-0883 ... Clear DEAD FLATT
B101-0803 ... Clear Sanding SEALER

Jet-Spray - Wood tones
B101-0809 ... Walnut Dark American
B101-0813 ... Natural
B101-0815 ... OAK Golden
B101-0817 ... Umber Raw
B101-0818 ... Umber Burnt
B101-0822 ... OAK Medium
B101-0829 ... Mahogany Medium
B101-0831 ... Mahogany Dark
B101-0832 ... Mahogany Brown
B101-0850 ... Walnut Extra Dark
B101-0853 ... Walnut Medium Brown
B101-0858 ... Cherry
B101-0873 ... Mahogany Red
B101-0878 ... Brown Van Dyck
B101-0892 ... Maple
B101-L854 ... Fruitwood Lite

B103-012 ... Clear Top Coat Lac. GLOSS
B103-014 ... Clear Top Coat Lac. SATIN
B103-015 ... Clear Amber Sanding Sealer

MASTER Series Wood Tones
B103-509 ... Dark Walnut Toner
B103-510 ... Tavern Pine Toner
B103-512 ... Walnut Van Dyck Toner
B103-513 ... Natural Toner
B103-515 ... Golden Oak Toner
B103-518 ... Walnut Toner
B103-528 ... Dark Red Walnut Toner
B103-529 ... Mahogany Toner

Clear Pre-Cat Lcquers
B103-020 ... Pre-Cat Lacquer Gloss
B103-021 ... Pre-Cat Lacquer Satin
B103-023 ... Pre-Cat Lacquer SEALER

Clear Acrylic Lcquers
B103-016 ... Water CLEAR Acrylic Gloss
B103-017 ... Water CLEAR Acrylic Satin

White & Blacks
B101-G804 ... White Gloss
B101-G826 ... Black Gloss
B101-S826 ... Black Satin
B101-F826 ... Black Flatt

Special Applications
B101-0867 ... BURN-IN / Sheen Protector
B101-0871 ... Blush Eliminator
B103-267 ... Scratch Off, DkWalnut/Oak

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