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Behlen QUALASOLE the Modern French Polish

Product Label Text
B611-00015 pint
B611-00016 quart

BEHLEN QUALASOLE™ Padding Finish is formulated to be used on new wood as an original finish or to renew a worn or damaged existing finish. When used with Behlen Furniture Powders, Qualasole will replace the color in a faded or unstained area in a finished surface.
Qualasole formulation allows for greater resistance to solvents than shellac and may be applied over most any wood surface.


Bare or Stained Wood:
Sand to 360 grit smoothness; clean, dust free, dry surface.

Finished Wood:
Remove all traces of wax, polish, grease and dirt from old surface with
Behlen Dewaxer 741.

H. Behlen

Avoid Contact with Eyes

Read and follow all labes cautions
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Using a firm pad made with lint-free cloth,
pour approximately 1/4 ounce of Qualasole into the pad. Precaution: Never soak or saturate pad with Qualasole. The pad should never feel wet, but should feel cool or moist to the touch.
Disperse Qualasole throughout the pad by tapping pad into the open palm of the hand.
This will avoid a wet spot in the pad and will help produce an even flow during application.

May be padded in straight, circular or figure-eight motions with light pressure. Care must be taken to slide the pad on and off the surface without stopping. Stopping the pad on the work will mar the finish. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour between coats to ensure proper drying, as too thick of a coat may cause sagging or press marks in the final finish.

Qualasole should be applied like the swinging motion of the pendulum in a grandfather clock. Do not bend the wrist or stop the swaying of the pad on the surface.
When ever possible, pad with the grain of the wood.

For RUBBING: Allow final coat 18-24 drying hours prior to rubbing.

CLEANING: Use Behlen Behkol Solvent

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