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Qualalacqª 275 VOC Compliant Lacquer
Product Data Sheet 

B6111-100E6 Gloss & B611-07556 Satin -- available in quarts

 Product Description:
A top of the line nitrocellulose lacquer featuring ease of application
along with a high quality, long lasting finish for all types of furniture.

BEHLEN Clear WW Lacquers are 275 VOC compliant.

1.     Easy to use, ready to spray
2.     275 VOC compliant
3.     Alcohol resistant
4.     Good drying and leveling properties
5.     Excellent rubbing and polishing characteristics
6.     Good cold check resistance
7.     Hard, durable finish, provides years of service under normal conditions of use

Weight per gallon: 7.35* lbs/gal
Solids % (wt): 20.14*
Solids % (vol): 14.18*
Package viscosity: 11 - 13 sec., # 4 Ford cup
Dry time: Air dry @ 72 F, 35% relative humidity
To touch: 7 minutes  --------- To handle: 15 minutes
To recoat: 60 minutes -------- To rubout or package: 24 hours
Sheen: Gloss: > 80,  Satin: 40
VOC's (coating): 2.27 lbs/gal (273.05 g/l)*
VOC's (material): 0.48 lbs/gal (57.25 g/l)*
VHAP's: 0.0 lbs VHAPÕs/lb solids
Package life: 3 years
Spread rate: 227 sq ft @ 1 dry mil
(Contains nitrocellulose resins, which tend to
amber in color over time but does not affect coating performance)
*Average value, varies between sheens.
All values theoretical; not intended to be exact QC
HMIS: Health– 2, Flammability– 3, Reactivity – 0, Personal Protection- X


This is a VOC compliant product.  No Reduction is necessary.
Stir thoroughly before and frequently throughout use.
Apply in light, even coats of no more than 3 - 4 wet mils.
If two coats are needed, sand the first coat aggressively with #320 grit sandpaper.
Apply the second coat in a light, even coat of no more than 3 - 4 wet mils,
allow to dry and sand with 320 grit sandpaper.
All H. Behlen 275 VOC formulations are high solids products, which build very quickly.
Total film build of the entire system, including topcoats, should not exceed 4 dry mills.
Excessive build may lead to poor adhesion, cracking or cold check problems.
Remove sanding dust before topcoat application.
If finish is to be rubbed, 3 coats may be necessary.

Clean-Up: H. Behlen Qualalacq Lacquer Reducer (B6110631) (or Acetone)
is recommended for equipment clean up.

Recoating Qualalacq Lacquer (B611series) should take place
after 30 - 45 minutes of dry time or after a fresh sanding.
Stainless spray equipment is strongly recommended.
Total dry film of the entire system, including topcoats, should not exceed 4 mils.
All products should be stirred properly before being used and also continuously agitated while in use to insure product consistency from start to finish.
Filtering at every opportunity is suggested.
The system should be pretested on the wood to be finished
under application conditions.

Mixing with other products or finish systems is NOT recommended.
H. Behlen & Bros. will not be held liable for finish failure resulting
from mixing products or systems.

This product is formulated for Interior Applications and is
not recommended or tested for exterior use.

Safety and Other Precautions: Read MSDS for precautions before using product.

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H. Behlen 275 VOC Lacquer Coatings Tips

Viscosity is typically much lower or thinner in 275 VOC coatings because they have to be in order to achieve proper flow out of the coating.

Agitation is needed to thoroughly mix flatting agents and pigments in opaque colors into all coatings. Periodic agitation is always recommended for most clear and opaque coatings.
Agitation is particularly important with 275 VOC coatings because 275 VOC products tend to settle faster due to the lower viscosity, which can allow flatting agents and pigments to fall out of suspension much faster than in higher VOC formulations.

For best results, always agitate or stir 275 VOC products more frequently
in order to maintain a consistent sheen or color.
A good habit to get into is to stir the 275 VOC products at least every 10 minutes.

 Application of 275 VOC coatings does have a few new things to remember.
1 - Stir or Agitate 275 VOC coatings frequently.
2 - Lighter coats work better than heavy wet coats.
Do not try to level a coat by applying it too heavy. Excessive build could occur.
3 - Lowering your air or fluid pressure will reduce the risk of the product going on dry.
4 - Hold the gun a little closer to the substrate when applying to reduce the risk of applying too dry.

 Build can be deceiving with a 275 VOC coating.
It is very easy to exceed the maximum build of 4 dry mills.
To reduce this risk, try to keep the four coat rule

275 VOC coatings may be lower in viscosity but they remain High Solids coatings.
Exceeding the four (4) coat rule can increase the chances of excessive build,
which can result in cracking or other finish failures.

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