Furniture Paste Wax Polish
& Marble Wax

Antiquax is a superior furniture wax imported from England. It is a perfect combination of the classic glow of beeswax and the durability of carnauba to provide beautiful polished fingerprint resistant protection for new and antique furniture finishes. It is suitable for all woods including lighter finishes such as ash, maple and beech. Antiquax protects furniture from spills and changes in humidity.
Antiquax can be applied on bare, stained, or finished wood.

For grimy finishes, first use a Furniture Cleaner to remove dirt & old polish.
Apply Antiquax Very Sparingly with a clean cotton cloth.
A little goes such a long way.
Wait at least 15 minutes, and buff with a clean cotton cloth.
Use Antiquax on your wood furniture on a regular basis
for protection and a long lasting finish. - -
See: Application & use of Paste Waxes

Original Antiquax -- Neutral
Antiquax Fine Furniture Wax Polish was originally formulated in the early 1900’s
by master woodworker Mr. Elliott of London for protection of his furniture finishes.
In 1922 he approached Partridge Fine Arts, an antiques gallery in New Bond Street, London and asked them to sell it for him. The Original Antiquax Paste Wax Polish formula is manufactured today in Manchester, England.
Antiquax is used by, museums, fine furniture collectors and estates around the globe.
Antiquax Paste Wax -- 100 ml (3.5 oz.) Tin 100 ml
Antiquax Paste Wax -- 250 ml (8.75 oz.) Tin 18.00
Antiquax Paste Wax -- 500 ml (17.5 oz.) Tin 500 ml
Antiquax *Original Wax Polish -- Aerosol Can
A useful tool on deep moulding and carvings where a paste wax would be difficult to apply. Use sparingly, polish using a soft cotton cloth or a wax buffing brush. * Contains NO Silicone. • UPS Ground Only
BROWN Antiquax (for Darker Woods)
Brown Wax will enhance the natural grain pattern of the wood is giving greater depth to the finish. Brown Wax is also useful for mild restoration where furniture has faded due to over-exposure to sunlight or in areas where it has suffered mechanical damage, such as scuffing at the base of chair legs for example. Brown Wax is suitable for darker woods such as mahogany, walnut and stained oak.
Brown Antiquax - 250 ml (8.75 oz.) Tin
250 ml
Brown Antiquax -- 5 Litre Pail
Designer &
Decorator Studio Pack
5L Pail
Antiquax MARBLE & STONE Wax
Use Marble Wax to clean and polish, marble, stone, slate and granite.
It will remove oil and light stains whilst enhancing the finish.

MARBLE & Stone Wax -- 250 ml (8.75 oz.) Tin
250 ml
20.90 Wood Finish Supply
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