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Waterborne DYE Stains
represent one Behlen’s most environmentally friendly low VOC technologies.
The transparent quality of the stains will create clean, natural, vibrant colors for cabinet,
millwork, furniture or other fine interior wooden surfaces.
These versatile Dyes may be sprayed, brushed, or wiped on with a soft cloth.
They are fast drying and offer good color retention with minimal grain raise.
Waterborne DYES can be sealed or topcoated in as little as 30-45 minutes.
Reduce or lighten dye color intensity with Waterborne Solar-Lux™ Dye Stain Base / Reducer.
Use of the Reducer to lighten colors will minimize grain raising that can occur with water reduction.
Waterborne Solar-Lux™ Dye Stains are available in 12 stock woodtone colors, which may be blended to create custom colors.
Waterborne Dyes feature low odor, an important characteristic for all finishing shops, especially small shops.
Solar-Lux™ Waterborne Dye can be used under solvent based coatings, allowing for adequate complete drying (12hr).

• Blends easily when applied
• Use Nitrile or Vinyl glove protection for hands
• Ultra low VOC ..• Low odor ..• Water Clean Up
• GREENGUARD Certified as a waterborne system
• Suitable for LEED (Green Low VOC Certified) projects

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• B620-4765  -  Water Dye, Burnt Sienna (rich reddish-brn.) Pt.  -  $16.65 $8.00 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   

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