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E-Z Flow Burn-In Stick ASSORTMENT - 18 Colors, 7” (6.60 Ea.)

Burn-In Procedure

1. Prepare the damaged area by removing loose wood fibers, splinters and other contaminants.
   Damage must
be dry and free of oil and wax.
2. Allow the Burn-In Knife to become warm enough that the E-Z Flow stick will melt and flow into damage.
   Note: Mohawk M900-EK24FC Burn-In Knife can reach a maximum tip temperature of 300°F.
  A heat
control unit allows the user ultimate control of knife temperature.
3. Select the E-Z Flow stick that most closely matches the background color.
4. Melt enough E-Z Flow stick on the knife blade to slightly overfill the damaged area.
5. Flow the melted E-Z Flow stick material into the damaged area.
   Do not hold the hot blade in the fresh fill, as
this tends to create air entrapment.
6. Allow the fill to cool. Protect the surrounding finish with Patch Lubricant (Burn-In Balm).
   Level the fill using a hot knife.

E-Z Flow Burn-In Stick ASSORTMENT - 18 Colors, 7” (6.60 Ea.)