Aug 182023

Finishing Classes / Workshops
Near Napa California

Shellac Finishing Class
Saturday – September 23, 2023

with Ron Ashby the ‘Finish Geek’

All About Wood Finishing with Shellac
This miracle resin from the (Laccifer lacca) Lac bug
Learn about Seed Lac, Button Lac, Shellac Flake & Dewaxed Shellacs
It is easy to make your own fresh shellac finishes
and universal sanding sealers.

Class Location

Multi-Use Room –
Loma Vista Adult Center
1266 San Carlos Ave, Concord, CA 94518

Class Limit 20

Register Online at:
or In Person at:
Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Pleasant Hill Education Center
One Santa Barbara Road – Room 210, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Call for Info at — 925-937-1530
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