Solving Wood Finish Problems

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Jan 212019

Solving Spray (and other) Wood Finishing Problems

There are many variables that can lead to a poor or failed finish.
Many spray, and other, finish problems can be traced to more than just one cause.
For reliable and consistent finish results, is important to identify and fix the causes not just the symptoms causing the problems.

  • Select a recommended finish to meet the project requirements.
 • Follow the finish manufacturers application instructions.
 • When Spraying, adjust spray equipment for the work environment,
   the weather conditions, and the finish material requirements.

The following guide will help identify finish problems and suggest causes and the corrections required. Finishing problems are often a combination of 2 or more causes. By correcting the cause of the problem, achieving the perfect finish will be much easier.
Read through this entire document so you can spot finish problems
before or as they arise.

        See: Solving Wood Finish Problems
(Much of the trouble shooting guide will also apply to brush
as well to spray application methods.)


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Jan 082019

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Extra Light toned, (lighter than Platina)

SUPER PALE, Extra Light Toned Platina Shellac,
PALE Transparent.

SUPER PALE Platina (Platinum) Blonde,
is the best shellac variety
if you want to impart the least amount of tone
to woods such as Maple and Spruce.

Shelf Life & Storage of Dewaxed Flake: One Year+, Cool, Dark, Sealed from moisture.
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