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Facsimile Reprint of

French Polisher's Handbook

CIRCA 1910
published by Percival Marshall,
London, 104 pages, 5.8 in. x 8.3 in.

A wealth of early information on
furniture polishing, gilding,
bronzing, etc.,

The book includes some
fascinating "lost" information,
such as recipes for making various
furniture stains, using pumice stone -
How to create "German Piano Finish",
polish coffins, re-gild picture frames,
and much more to do with
the polishing treatments of furniture
& restorative techniques.

An excellent book!

Web Special - With an Order
$15.95 per copy

(This 'Shop Copy' is spiral bound
to lay perfectly flat on the bench)

Preview The Book
Sample pages, Contents, & Index

The reprint typeface and pagination
replicates the look of
the original
1910 Handbook

Reprint Copyright © 2011-2017 Wood Finish Supply

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