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Kit Contents:
Qty. - Product # - Description
2 - B102-8000 Vinyl Sealer Aerosol
1 - B104-120Guitar Toner Aerosol – Encore Brown
1 - B104-1202 Guitar Toner Aerosol – Starcast Amber
5 - B104-1406 Stringed Instrument Lacquer Aerosol
1 - B710-0001 Fingerboard Oil
1 - B730-01165 Finish-Rub
1 - B730-1205 Deluxing Compound
1 - B730-1365 Wool-Lube
1 - B730-2005 Buffers Polish #5
1 - M904-1001S Cloth - 4 sheets
1 - M906-1306S Sandpaper 9X11 Garnet P150A
1 - M906-1010S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Stearate P320B
3 - M906-1104S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P800A
3 - M906-1106S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P1000A
3 - M906-1108S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P1200A
3 - M906-1110S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P1500A
3 - M906-1112S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 PS2000A
1 - M960-1004 Rubbing Pads
1 - Tack Cloth
2 - DVD's - Behlen Guitar Finishing - & - Wood Finishing & Finish Repair
Create a professional finish with Behlen’s Guitar Finishing kit.
Using step-by-step instructions the luthier can apply a quality professional finish.
• • • Comes with DVD & Printed Instructions. View or Print Instruction Sheet
B881-2000  -  $139.90 $129.00 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Click above: Label Text & Application Information

Classic Stringed Instrument Lacquer is a high quality
nitrocellulose lacquer specifically designed for wooden stringed instruments.
Stringed Instrument Lacquer allows for the special expansion and contraction
that occurs due to the unique construction of stringed instruments.
Stringed Instrument Lacquer must be applied over our Vinyl Sealer in order
to assure its unique film building and special finish characteristics.

Also available in  Aerosol

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• M610-1406  -  Classic Stringed Instrument Lacquer, B611-1406 Qt • UPS Only •  -  $21.90  -  Quantity   
• M610-1407  -  Classic String Instrument Lacquer, B611-1407 Gal. • UPS Only •  -  $49.45  -  Quantity   
• B104-1406  -  Aerosol, Instrument Lacquer, Gloss M113-1406 • UPS Only •  -  $11.59  -  Quantity   

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FINGERBOARD Oil - 4 Oz. Bottle

Behlen Fingerboard Oil is ideal for preserving the feel and appearance of woods such as|
rosewood, ebony and similar woods used on stringed instrument fingerboards.

Use when building new instruments or to revitalize scuffed, dry, or worn fingerboards.

Penetrates unfinished wood and dries hard.
Does not become tacky when exposed to heat.

As the original application wears, it can easily be repaired with additional applications of the oil.
4 Oz.

B710-0001  -  $6.95  -  Quantity   
NAPHTHA Solvent / Thinner - Qt. • UPS Only •
NAPHTHA --- Solvent & Thinner
aka: Varnish Makers and Painters Naphtha (VMP Naphtha)

aphtha is used to thin the viscosity and improve brushing
of solvent / oil based varnishes, paints, enamels and for
general cleaning of these solvent based finishes.
Naphtha can replace paint thinner and will help accelerate drying time
of oil based paints, enamels and varnishes.

Note: Do Not use with lacquers, shellac or latex paint.

Naphtha is an excellent cleaner for very grimy wood finishes.

B650-0056  -  $10.90  -  Quantity   

Shellac Reducer - DENATURED ALCOHOL (Behkol) • UPS Only •
Shellac Reducer DENATURED ALCOHOL Shellac Solvent

Mohawk Shellac Reducer / (Behlen Behkol),
a Denatured Alcohol Blend,
is formulated specifically to
dissolve shellac flakes 
and dilute or 'cut' liquid Shellacs.

See the Pound Cut Mixing Chart

Shellac Reducer (Behkol Denatured Alcohol) will make a shellac that has
a little more open
or 'working time', a good solvent choice in warmer weather
and when brushing larger areas such as woodwork.

  Also used to dissolve Behlen Aniline Dyes for use as an Alcohol Dye.
                SAVE $6.00 by the case of 6 = $10.90 per Qt.

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• M650-0056  -  Shellac Reducer/Denatured Alcohol - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $11.90  -  Quantity   
• M650-0056.6  -  Case, 6 Qt. Denatured Alcohol / Behkol • UPS Only •  -  $65.40  -  Quantity   
• M650-0057  -  Shellac Reducer/Denatured Alcohol - Gal • UPS Only •  -  $38.50  -  Quantity   

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Pure Raw TUNG OIL (China Wood Oil)
Pure Raw TUNG OIL aka China Wood Oil or China Nut Oil
Tung Oil is the most water, caustic acid, heat and mildew resistant
of all the oil finishes,
it is also the most durable.
Tung Oil is also used to manufacture many different types of varnish.
Use only on new bare wood or on wood that is fully striped, clean and ready to be refinished.
Apply with a small rag.
Due to Behlen's Pure Tung Oils' concentration,

a ratio of 4 parts Mineral Spirits to one part Tung Oil is suggested,
(especially for penetration on hard woods and first coats).
Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.

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• B740-00035  -  Pure Raw TUNG OIL (China Wood Oil) Pint • UPS Only •  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   

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TUNG OIL FINISH (Modified) •UPS Only•
Modified TUNG OIL
Mohawk (Modified) Tung Oil Finish is a proprietary blend
of non-break tung oiland propolymerized alkyd resin in a solvent system.
Modified Tung Oil is fast drying, hard, resistant to water, acid, alkali and mildew.
One of the most durable of all natural oils.
An ideal oil finish for new or stripped wood furniture.
One coat achieves a low luster finish. Each additional coat increases gloss.

Far superior to linseed oil as finished wood will not darken with age.
Tung Oil preserves the natural color of the wood.
Surface scratches in a Tung Oil finished piece can be remedied
with a small amount of Tung Oil. 
--  Quart Can

M701-1596  -  $34.50  -  Quantity   

Teak Oil Finish is formulated and recommended for use on Teak wood,
Monkeypod, Zebrawood, Rosewoods and other similar hard dense woods.
Danish / Teak Oil penetrates the wood and dries hard unlike
linseed oil and most other finishing oils
which become tacky when exposed to heat.

This polymerized wood finish, combines penetrating oils with resins to produce a natural oil finish
on unfinished wood. One application seals and finishes wood.
Never gums up in warm temperatures.  Will not print and is non-greasy.
Water spots, stains, burns and scratches are easily removed by buffing with 4/0 steel wool & Danish Oil.

Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.

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• B700-1416  -  TEAK/ DANISH FINISHING OIL, Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   
• M700-1507  -  TEAK / DANISH FINISHING OIL, Gal. • UPS Only •  -  $59.90  -  Quantity   

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PARAFFIN OIL 'Rub Cut™' Lubricant • UPS Ground Only •
PARAFFIN OIL 'Rub Cut™' RUBBING Lubricant 
Paraffin Oil is used as a lubricant for rubbing a finish to sheen
with abrasive papers, steel wool, synthetic pads,
pumice or rottenstone.
Saves both time and effort and yields a more even rubbing result.

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• B740-28646  -  PARAFFIN OIL, Quart Can • UPS Only •  -  $18.50  -  Quantity   
• B740-28645  -  PARAFFIN OIL, Pint Can • UPS Only •  -  $11.50  -  Quantity   

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Mohawk Flat Lube™ PASTE FLATTNER Qt
Mohawk Flatt Lube PASTE FLATTNER
Flatt Lube

Paste Flattener used with water and a steel wool pad to produce a satin
or flat sheen finish.
Cleans easily and is completely free of residue.
Apply with 2/0 or 3/0 steel wool depending upon how flat a sheen is desired.
Flat Lube is used in conjunction with water and steel wool to produce a flattened sheen,
and is recommended for dulling a french polish or lacquer finish.
Eliminates hairline scratches.

     Quart Can

M720-1306  -  $32.00  -  Quantity   

PUMICE STONE (Powdered Abrasives)
Click above for Label Text & Directions


PUMICE Stone - 2F Powdered
(Medium Fine, #00)

Powered Pumice is used as an abrasive and in abrasive compounds for rubbing down
wood finishes.
When used for rubbing down finishes use water or rubbing oil
as a lubricant to control the finish rubbing.

PUMICE Stone - 4F - Powdered (Fine, #0000)
4F Pumice is used after the medium pumice rubbing and prior to rubbing
with rottenstone or fine rubbing and polishing compounds. Add water,
or rubbing oil, as a lubricant to control the cutting rate during final finish polishing.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• B720-1402  -  PUMICE, M720-1202 - 2F (MEDIUM) 1 Pound, Shaker Can  -  $7.95  -  Quantity   
• PSƒƒƒ  -  PUMICE, 3F (Med. / Fine,ƒƒƒ) 1 Lb (Dbl. Plastic Bag)  -  $6.20 $5.60 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• B720-1404  -  PUMICE, M720-1402 - 4F (FINE) 1 Pound, Shaker Can  -  $7.95  -  Quantity   

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ROTTENSTONE M720-1502 (Genuine Gray) 1 Pound
ROTTENSTONE (Genuine Gray)
New Shaker Top plastic canister.
Rottenstone is one of the finest polishing substances used for wood finish polishing 
to obtain a High Gloss sheen.
Use Rottenstone for a final gloss polish on
thoroughly cured lacquered, shellacked or varnished surfaces after first
rubbing with fine (4F) Pumice Stone.
Lubricate with Wool-Lube (or rubbing lubricant) to control and maintain
an even polishing action. Felt Blocks
or our Hard Rubber Block wrapped
in a 100% cotton cloth (white T-shirt material)are ideal for hand rubbing
with Pumice and Rottenstone polishing abrasives.

B720-15006  -  $9.95  -  Quantity   

Creates a High-Gloss sheen.
Rubbing Compound is a semi-paste, abrasive compound
for rubbing down the final coat of lacquer, shellac, or varnish.
May also be used to remove minor surface imperfections and over-spray on spot repairs.

Pint Can

B730-01115  -  $15.69  -  Quantity   
Deluxing Compound, Pint • UPS Only •
A combination of waxes and buffing materials that produce a smooth, hard, mirror-like gloss finish. Recommended for use on lacquer, varnish, acrylic, or enamel finishes.

• Can be used on any shade of furniture including white.
• Excellent for use on spot repairs.
• Will not harm the finest of finishes.

• Achieves a smooth porcelain like finish on appliances and automobile finishes as well.

-- Contains NO silicone.

B730-1205  -  $17.80  -  Quantity   
WOOL-LUBE - B730-1365 RUB Lubricant, Pint
Click above for Label & Information
WOOL-LUBE (Rub Lubricant)

Wool-Lube (aka: Wool-Wax) is a specially formulated lubricant for preparing furniture before waxing and polishing. Superior for removing pack marks, soiling, or fingerprints.
Furniture rubbed with Behlen Wool-lube can be re-coated with lacquer with good adhesion.

Water soluble, non silicone and fast clean up.
Use as a lubricant when rubbing with pumice or rottenstone.
Use with steel wool, nylon pad, or, Wet or Dry paper. 

Contains NO Wax, Oils or Silicones!

Pint Bottle
M720-1365  -  $11.50  -  Quantity   


Extremely fine buffing agent, which can be applied by hand
or with a mechanical buffer on most any well cured finish.

Buffer's Polish is the original (#5) grade, which can be used to restore or create
a professional hand rubbed, high gloss sheen by removing minor imperfections in the finish.

Buffer's Polish will yield a High Gloss "WET" look.

B730-2005  -  $16.40  -  Quantity   
Furniture REFINISHER - Quart • UPS Only •
Click Above for Label Text
· Easy to use
· Dissolves: Lacquer, Shellacs, Varnish
· Economical · No stripping · No Stripper Mess

     With Furniture Refinisher
               you may be able to avoid using a Paint Stripper
BEHLEN Furniture Refinisher easily removes shellac, varnish, or lacquered finishes on furniture, cabinets, or woodwork. It quickly melts through the old finish without stripping the wood of natural oils or its patina.
It can be used for restoring a worn finish or to renew a favorite piece.

Furniture Refinisher is an excellent 'after wash' for furniture that has been stripped using conventional finish removers. Furniture Refinisher leaves the wood rich and warm, and free of residues that can cause a white haze, as do many other refinishers.
Never use this product around an open flame.

B740-1336  -  $17.95 $16.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   
GOOF OFF - Aerosol, 12Oz • UPS Only •
GOOF OFF - Aerosol

Goof Off AerosolGoof Off Pro Strength Remover works the first time quickly and easily
removing tough spots and stains, like chewing gum, that ordinary household cleaners can’t.

Removes: adhesives & glue, crayon, pen & marker, gum, scuff marks, stickers & decals,
asphalt & tar, dried latex paint, duct tape, caulk, tree sap, candle wax and more

Ideal for all kinds of hard surfaces such as metals, glass, brick, wood, concrete, grout,
fiberglass, hand tools and most automotive surfaces.

     It works faster and better than other removers – use it when all else fails.
Cleans adhesive and glue, oil and tar, dried latex paint, hand tools, stains on carpet, clothing,
upholstery, crayon, pen and marker, graffiti and varnish, gum, candle wax, scuff marks,
caulk, lipstick and makeup, tar, bugs, tree sap.
     12Oz  Aerosol    Only $2.00 each by the case of 6   
    Note: Do Not Use on fine wood furniture finishes
-- on Fabrics & Rugs, Test for color fastness.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• GOA.1  -  Aerosol, GOOF OFF - 12Oz • UPS Only •  -  $4.98 $2.25 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• GOA6  -  Aerosol, GOOF OFF - Case of 6 • UPS Only •  -  $24.00 $12.00 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   

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Klean-Stripฎ Strip-X Stripper
click above, Please Read DIRECTIONS FOR USE
PAINT REMOVER - Klean-Strip® Strip-X Stripper

Strip-x Gal

Strip-X removes latex and oil-based paint and varnish from wood,
metal and masonry in 30 minutes or less.
It also removes pigmented wood stains from wood,
restoring the wood's natural color.
The thick paste formula clings to vertical surfaces without runs or drips.
   • Economical remover
   • Works in 30 minutes or less
   • Thick, brushable formula clings to surfaces

USE WITH PLENTY OF VENTILATION - Do Not Use in enclosed areas.

KSSX.G  -  $7.95 $3.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   

Click  Above for Label Text & Information

PDE™ is formulated to remove protein based paints such as Milk Paint.

Behlen PDE™ Paint Remover comes as a powder.
Simply mix the powder with water to create a remover that will
effectively dissolve up to 8 layers of old, latex, casein, oil paint, and milk paint.

• Non-toxic  • No fumes  • No fire hazard.

Not for use on shellac, varnish, lacquer, or urethanes.

B700-10005  -  $16.00  -  Quantity   

Aerosol SCRATCH-OFF Furniture Polish • UPS Ground Only •
contains special oils and colorants to help hide minor scratches and scrapes in furniture finishes.
Wipe it on, let it sit a while, wipe it off, to mimimize or hide minor scratches and blemishes.

13 Oz Aerosol
B103-267  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

Click link above for More Info
CLEANS, PROTECTS AND POLISHES all enameled, varnished and lacquered
or metal surfaces, leather, linoleum, tile, glass, porcelain.
Excellent For:
Furniture, Pianos, Woodwork, All Kitchen Appliances, Venetian Blinds,
Bathroom Fixtures,Windows, Mirrors.

(Not for use on oil or wax finishes.)

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• B800-12415  -  OZ CREAM POLISH PINTS  -  $14.95  -  Quantity   
• B800-12416  -  OZ CREAM POLISH QUARTS  -  $20.95  -  Quantity   
• B800-12417  -  OZ CREAM POLISH, GALLON • UPS Only •  -  $49.90  -  Quantity   
• B800-aero  -  OZ CREAM POLISH, Aerosol  -  $9.60  -  Quantity   

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Click above for Label Text
Blue Label PASTE WAX
is a fine blend of waxes and pure spirits of gum spirits turpentine
that establishes and restores a sheen to all wood surfaces
while providing a protective finish at the same time.

Easy to apply and buff, Blue Label's carnauba wax blend
minimizes scratches and gives a rich luster when buffed by hand or machine.

One Pound Can

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• B800-12435  -  BLUE LABEL PASTE WAX, CLEAR / Natural - 1 lb. Can  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   
• M860-12455  -  BLUE LABEL PASTE WAX, BROWN - 1 lb. Can  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   

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Click Above for Label Text
Slideez LubricantLubricates wood, metal, plastic.
The semi-paste consistency lasts much longer than other forms of lubricant.
Drawers, windows, and doors work easier with an application of Slideez™.
It prevents binding of all moving parts. 

• Slideez™ is also good for starting screws.
• An excellent rust preventative for tools used in gardens and metal objects in storage.
Slideez™ will not stain or cake and is non-flammable.  •• Contains NO Silicone. 
   1 Pint / 16 Oz Jar

M750-1205  -  $26.60  -  Quantity   

FELT BLOCK - 2x4x1 in.
FELT BLOCKS (2"x4"x1")

Felt Blocks are used with pumice, rottenstone and rubbing compounds
smooth & adjust the sheen of a fully cured finish,
and yield the classic hand rubbed look.

Keep a separate block for each rubbing grade.
Store separately to avoid grit or dirt contamination.

B902-1000  -  $12.75  -  Quantity   

Rubbing Pads
Rubbing Pads are used for hand application of rubbing compounds for spot repair.

These pads are ideal for rubbing in smaller and curved surfaces.

Ideal for use on guitars and stringed instruments

4 Felt Pads per package.

M960-1004  -  $5.95  -  Quantity   
CORK BLOCK - 2x4x1 in.
CORK BLOCK (2"x4"x1")

Cork is more aggressive than felt when used for rubbing finishes.

Use with Wool Lube™
and 600-800 Wet or Dry abrasive paper to
remove and level excess Burn-In Stick

B902-2000  -  $11.00  -  Quantity   

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