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H. BEHLEN Finishing Products
BEHLEN CAN or PACKAGE Label Text and Application Information

Label Text & Finishing Info Sheets
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Aniline Dyes - Jar Label Text
Burn-In Kit - Package Instructions for use
VIDEO - Burn-In Procedure
De Waxer 741 - Cleans Wax, Oil, Grease - Label Text
Denatured Alcohol / BEHLEN Behkol Solvent
Dye Stains SOLAR-LUX - Label Text
VIDEO - Wood Finish Step Panels
Deep Dark Finishes on Light Toned Woods
Furniture Refinisher - Label Text
Grain Filler, Pore-O-Pac - Label Text
VIDEO - Paste-Wood Grain Fillers
Pre-Stain Conditioner & Clear
- Label Text
Make your own stain colors
OZ® Cream Polish - Bottle Label Text
P.D.E. Paint Remover - Label Text & Information
PUMICE Stone - 2F & 4F - Label Text & Info.
Lacquers & Sealers for Spray Application

New! Rockhard Table Top Urethane Varnish (Data)
Salad Bowl Finish - Application Information (PDF) Bowl Finish Clear.pdf
SealCoat Universal Sanding Sealer - Information
QUALASOLE the Modern French Polish
Smooth Coat Lacquer (aerosol) - Finish Schedule
BEHLEN Salad Bowl Finish - Label Text
Stringed Instrument Lacquer - Label Text
Fingerboard Oil - Label Text
Vinyl Sealer (moisture resistant sealer) - Label Text
VOC Compliant Lacquer - Application Data

WOOL LUBE (Rubbing Lubricant)
Other Related Products & Info Sheets
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About Denatured Alcohols - All are NOT Equal
SHELLAC Pound Cut Chart - Mixing Shellac
RENAISSANCE WAX Polish - Information
Waxing Furniture & Fine Wood Finishes
Wax The Perfect Protection for Furniture Wood Mag.1989
for the Furniture Finisher & Woodworker
FINISHER'S Color Wheel - Instructions
VULPEX Liquid Soap concentrate
Potassium Dichromate (Bichromate of Potash) - Info
TANNIN, Dry Powdered - Application Information
Genuine WALNUT Crystals
- Instructions Wood Finish Supply