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Experienced and beginning luthiers alike can create a professional guitar finish
with the Behlen Guitar Finishing kit. ... No spray equipment is required.
The kit is built around 4 different aerosols: Vinyl Sealer, Starcast Amber Toner, Encore Brown Toner, and Stringed Instrument Lacquer. Vinyl Sealer starts the finish with a strong but flexible base. The two toners allow you to create a variety of color combinations by using one or the other or a combination of the two. For example, Starcast Amber can be used to give a light golden tone to the wood. The Encore Brown can then be used to create a dark sunburst at the edge. Follow that with a heavy application of Starcast Amber over the deep brown edge and a few inches in towards the center to create a sunburst with a striking red glow flaring inward. The Stringed Instrument Lacquer topcoat is a tough yet flexible finish that resists cold checking (also available in quarts and gallons). After the Stringed Instrument Lacquer is dried and cured, use the rubbing compounds we've included to rub the finish to a mirror-like, high gloss sheen. Finally, use the Fingerboard Oil to put the perfect finish on the fretboard. Then stand back and admire your guitar!

Kit Contents:
Qty. - Product # - Description
2 - B102-8000 Vinyl Sealer Aerosol
1 - B104-120Guitar Toner Lacquer Aerosol – Encore Brown
1 - B104-1202 Guitar Toner Lacquer Aerosol – Starcast Amber
5 - B104-1406 Stringed Instrument Lacquer Aerosol
1 - B710-0001 Fingerboard Oil
1 - B730-01165 Finish-Rub
1 - B730-1205 Deluxing Compound
1 - B730-1365 Wool-Lube
1 - B730-2005 Buffers Polish #5
1 - M904-1001S Cloth - 4 sheets
1 - M906-1010S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Stearate P320B
3 - M906-1104S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P800A
3 - M906-1106S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P1000A
3 - M906-1108S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P1200A
3 - M906-1110S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 P1500A
3 - M906-1112S Sandpaper 9X11 Silicon Carbide Waterproof PS11 PS2000A
1 - M906-1306S Sandpaper 9X11 Garnet P150A
1 - M960-1004 Rubbing Pad
2 - DVD's -
Behlen Guitar Finishing - & - Wood Finishing & Finish Repair
.... Comes with DVD & Instruction Sheet. View or Print Instruction Sheet
Create a professional finish with Behlen’s Guitar Finishing kit. Using step-by- step instructions the luthier can apply a quality professional finish.

Guitar Finishing




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Guitar Finishing DVD
This DVD gives very specific instructions for finishing a guitar with aerosols. It shows the steps necessary for a toned finish, a sunburst effect, and a clear finish using Behlen Vinyl Sealer, Stringed Instrument Lacquer, Starcast Amber Guitar Toner, and Encore Brown Guitar Toner aerosols. Watch as we apply a sunburst to the back and a clear finish to the front of an acoustic guitar. We’ll also show you how to sand and rub the lacquer to create a professional high-gloss finish. As an alternative, the DVD could be used to learn how to apply a professional clear finish over just about any stain or coloring technique you desire. Of course, coating the fretboard with Fingerboard Oil is included as well.
• • •  Included free in the Guitar Finishing Kit - B881-2000 (above)
or, purchase & view the DVD
and then come back for the products needed for your instrument.

Guitar Finishing DVD




Special Pricing
Vinyl Sealer
Vinyl develops an excellent moisture barrier for the wood substrate, and provides a good base for all Behlen lacquer finishes. Vinyl Sealer is offered in a ready to use formulation that needs no further reduction or catalyst.
Note: Vinyl Sealer may be applied over raw wood
or filled and stained substrates.
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Vinyl Sealer

Vinyl Sealer - Aerosol
Vinyl Sealer Aerosol is a flexible, high solids, moisture resistant, clear sealer with good atomization. It lays a perfect foundation for Stringed Instrument Lacquer. It’s also a great sealer for any Behlen topcoat whether being used for spot repairs or an entire finish. When used in conjunction with pre-catalyzed lacquer aerosols, the combination creates a moisture resistant finish suitable for spot repairs on kitchen and bath cabinets.
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Vinyl Sealer

13 fl. oz.

Stringed Instrument Lacquer
Stringed Instrument Lacquer is a high quality nitrocellulose lacquer specifically designed for wooden stringed instruments. Stringed Instrument Lacquer allows for the special expansion and contraction that occurs due to the unique construction of stringed instruments.
NOTE: Stringed Instrument Lacquer must be applied over Behlen Vinyl Sealer in order to assure its unique film building and special finish characteristics.

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Stringed Instrument


Stringed Instrument Lacquer ('SIL') Aerosol
Stringed Instrument Lacquer aerosol, uses the same formula as our 'SIL' packaged in quarts and gallons. 'SIL' is formulated specifically as a high quality finish on thin, flexible tonewoods such as those used in stringed instruments. Instrument Lacquer is made to withstand the expansion and contraction that is characteristic in the unique construction of stringed instruments.
Note: Vinyl Sealer is flexible by nature and therefore, it is the only sealer
that should be used under Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer.
This combination yields excellent sound quality.
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Stringed Instrument

Aerosol 13 oz.

Guitar Toner Aerosols
Guitar Toners are used to add shading effects to the guitar. Made from fade resistant dyes, they apply transparent color so the beauty of the wood shows through, yet they are strong enough that several coats will create the dark sunburst effect that is so popular on guitars. Starcast Amber applies the basic light tone colors of the guitar. Encore Brown is used to tone the body sides of acoustic guitars, which are typically darker than the soundboard. The Encore Brown is also used to create a sunburst effect around the edge of the body of a guitar, whether acoustic or solid bodied. Often Encore Brown is used at the edge and then Starcast Amber is sprayed over the Encore Brown, but in a wider pattern, to create a two-toned starburst. Typically, Vinyl Sealer is applied before the Guitar Toners and Stringed Instrument Lacquer is applied after the Guitar Toners to create a professional finish. With just a little practice, a first time luthier can apply a professional looking finish.
- 13 fl. oz.
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Guitar Toner

Encore Brown

Starcast Amber

Fingerboard Oil
Use when building new instruments or to revitalize scuffed and dry or worn fingerboards. Penetrates unfinished wood and dries hard. Does not become tacky when exposed to heat. Fingerboard Oil is ideal for preserving the feel and appearance of woods such as rosewood, ebony and similar woods used on stringed instrument fingerboards. As the original application wears, it can easily be repaired with additional applications of the oil.
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Fingerboard Oil

(4 Oz. Bottle)

Violin Varnish - Spirit (alcohol) based
A balanced blend of pure Super Blonde & Orange shellac flakes, gum mastic, and gum sandarac. Produces a tough, hard, elastic, water resistant film. Highly recommended for musical instruments. Superior to any imported spirit varnish.
Use Behkol Solvent for thinning and cleanup.
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Violin Varnish

......................................... Denatured Alcohol

( formulated specifically to dissolve
shellac flakes and dilute or 'cut' liquid Shellacs)

BEHKOL Shellac Solvent will make a shellac that has
a little more open and working time

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... .......-- UPS Ground Only --
Denatured Alcohol

Quart - B650-2816
NAPHTHA --- Solvent & Thinner
aka: Varnish Makers and Painters Naphtha (VMP Naphtha)
Naphtha is used to thin the viscosity and improve brushing of solvent/oil based varnishes, paints, enamels. Naphtha can replace paint thinner and will help accelerate drying time of oil based paints, enamels and varnishes.
Do Not use with lacquers, shellac or latex paint.
An excellent general purpose cleaner.
Naphtha is safe to remove waxes, grime, oils and sticker adhesives on most metal surfaces & guitar finishes. It can be used to clean wood surfaces of oils and waxes prior to finishing, and for cleaning of manufacturing & skin oils from fretwires prior to installing. 
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